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Today's smartphones provide a level of social connection far beyond what we imagined just a few years ago. But when you go beyond the reach of the grid, your smartphone needs the help of SPOT Connect to keep you in touch with friends, family, and emergency personnel. Simply pair your smartphone with SPOT Connect, and get connected to a global satellite network that lets you send messages and GPS coordinates from virtually anywhere on the planet. Update Twitter and Facebook. Send email and text messages. Request non-emergency help from professional service providers. And in the case of a critical emergency, send an SOS message requesting emergency assistance.

SPOT works around the world, including virtually all of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, portions of South America, Northern Africa, and North-Eastern Asia and hundreds or thousands of miles offshore of these areas. In Russia, the GPS accuracy of your SPOT is limited (degraded) in accordance with Russian regulations restricting the accuracy of GPS performance for devices utilized in Russia. Last Updated 2013-07-10. Estimated coverage area. Actual coverage may vary. Success rates are forecasts for a SPOT messenger to successfully deliver a single message during a 20-minute period, based on network availability. Additionally, in everyday conditions it is normal for some messages to be blocked by your environment, such as hills or buildings. That 's why the SPOT Messenger is scheduled to automatically send multiple messages in every mode – giving you excellent overall reliability.

Why SPOT? The SPOT product family offers peace of mind beyond the boundaries of cellular. Whether you want to check in, make calls or monitor your prized possessions, SPOT uses 100% satellite technology to keep you connected to the people and things that matters most, all while using the world's most modern satellite network.

Who needs Spot? Anyone who travels by land, sea and air! Since its launch, SPOT's satellite technology has provided peace of mind by helping initiate more than 2,500 rescues and counting and providing GPS tracking services. Over the past five years, recreational outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, government agency employees, National Geographic explorers and photographers, and researchers are just some of the people that have benefited from using SPOT.

How it works?

  • GPS satellites provide signals
  • SPOT messenger's onboard GPS chip determines your GPS location and sends your location and preselected message to communication satellites
  • Communication satellites relay your message to specific satellite antennas around the world
  • Satellite antennas and a global network route your location and message to the appropriate network
  • Your location and messages are delivered according to your instructions via email, text message, or emergency notification to the GEOS Rescue Coordination Center

Coverage Map

 photo Untitled_zps033ae915.png

Coverage Updates:

    • Singapore - Currently experiencing technical issues possibly impacting connectivity for some simplex and SPOT messenger/tracking devices. Issues identified and working quickly to resolve.


    • Venezuela - Currently experiencing technical issues impacting connectivity and service levels for duplex, simplex and SPOT messenger/tracking devices. Issues identified and working quickly to resolve, however, full restoration of service TBD.


    • SOS: Activate the SOS mode to begin sending your GPS location to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). Add a custom message to update responders of your condition. The IERCC alerts the appropriate agencies worldwide – for example contacting 9-1-1 responders in North America and 1-1-2 responders in Europe.
      HOW IT WORKS: In critical and life threatening emergencies, send an SOS message for help. You can send an SOS alert by selecting SOS in the SPOT Connect App and if you choose, even provide additional information by sending a custom Type & Send SOS message. In addition, SPOT Connect has an on device SOS button for standalone emergency operation. Once activated, SPOT Connect will acquire its GPS coordinates from the GPS network, and send that location with your SOS message to the IERCC every 5 minutes until cancelled or until the batteries are depleted. The Emergency Response Center notifies the appropriate emergency responders based on your GPS location and personal information – which may include local police, highway patrol, US Coast Guard, our country's embassy or consulate, or other emergency search and rescue teams – as well as notifying your emergency contacts about the receipt of a distress signal.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if SPOT cannot acquire its location from the GPS network it will still attempt to send a distress signal – without exact location – to GEOS, which will still notify your contacts of the signal and continue to monitor the network for further messages.
      9-1-1 EMERGENCY SERVICES POWERED BY GEOS Search and Rescue

    • Help: Use the Help mode to send either custom Type & Send or Predefined messages to recipients in your contact list for non-life threatening assistance.
      HOW IT WORKS: In order for Help to transmit appropriately, you must set up your Predefined messages and Contact list. Configure up to 14 Predefined messages of up to 120 characters each to choose from or custom type up to 41 character Type & Send messages on the go. Choose from up to 10 Contact Groups to send a Help message. Each Contact Group can have up to 50 email or SMS addresses. Once Help is activated, SPOT acquires your location from the GPS network and routes it along with the Help message you choose through the SPOT satellite network every 5 minutes for 1 hour or until cancelled. Your contacts will receive an SMS text message including coordinates, or an email with a link to Google Maps™ showing your location.
      >b>IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if SPOT cannot acquire its location from the GPS network, it will still attempt to send a HELP message – without exact location – to your personal contacts.

    • Check-in/OK: This feature allows you to let your friends and family know that all is OK with a pre-programmed message along with your GPS location. With a push of a button a message is sent via email or SMS to up to 10 pre-determined contacts and your waypoint is stored in your SPOT account for later reference. Your stored waypoints can be easily integrated into a SPOT Shared Page or SPOT Adventure account.
      HOW IT WORKS: Once you have activated your SPOT Messenger and set up your account, you can change your contacts and customize your message at any time. When you push the Check-in/OK button, you send one pre-programmed message to your contacts. Your contacts will receive an SMS text message including coordinates, or an email with a link to Google Maps™ showing your location.

    • Tracking: Start/stop tracking at any time using your SPOT device (Additional service required). You can also mark a Reference Point or send Check-in/OK messages from specific locations while in Track Progress mode.
      HOW IT WORKS: Once activated, SPOT acquires and sends your GPS coordinates to your SPOT account and, if you choose, Shared Pages and SPOT Adventures Live Maps, automatically every 10 minutes for 24 hours or until canceled. Track Progress must be reengaged to continue beyond a 24 hour tracking session. Creating a SPOT Shared Page allows you to share your GPS route with your friends and family easily in near real time on the web through a personal link. You can make your Shared Page private or public. Your choice! Just share that URL with your friends and family and they can easily track your adventures. You can also link your SPOT Messenger to SPOT Adventures, a social portal, where you can set up a profile and blog with others sharing their SPOT Adventures. On SPOT Adventures, your Shared Pages can stream in a Live Map widget that you can use on your own personal or event sites.

    • Type & Send: Use SPOT Connect to send custom email and text messages via satellites to your contacts. Create up to 41 character SOS, Help and Check-in/OK messages. Messages will be sent directly to the contact groups you select via email or SMS. You can even post custom messages on Twitter and Facebook. If you encounter problems, you can send custom SOS messages describing your situation, with your GPS position included.
      Important Note: Type & Send Messaging is available in two different ways. For an economical option, you may purchase a bundle of either 500 or 100 messages. If you are not sure of your usage, you can just be charged for every individual message that you send. If choosing a bundle, you will also be able to put the bundle on auto-renew so you never are without the reduced text charges the bundle has to offer. This bundle will only auto renew when your account runs out of messages. There is a 10 message buffer so you never run out of messages. These bundles are an annual plan. If you chose auto renewal, and run out of message before your renewal date, your bundle will auto renew when you get down to those 10 messages. If you don't use all your message before your renewal date, you end up losing those messages as they don't roll over. You can have more than one Type & Send bundle per device, but only one of them will auto renew. This you will see selectable in your account. Currently, we are giving 5 Type & Send messages FREE when you activate a Basic Service plan. Then, select a Type & Send Message option best for you. This allows you to try this service on us for 5 messages. Type & Send Message Cost Structure – When you send a Type & Send Message, you are sending one message to a Contact Group. Whether you have one person or 50 people in that contact group, you are only charged for one message. SPOT provides the delivery of the message to each contact in the group for one message fee.

    • Social Networks: Don't lose the connection to your social networks when you venture off the cellular grid. SPOT Connect with the basic service package enables you to send Predefined messages to your favorite social destinations. The Type & Send function allows you to create short custom messages in the field, which you can send to social destinations or specific contacts via email or text message.
      HOW IT WORKS: Once activated, log into your SPOT account and click the Share tab. Under Other Sharing Sites, you can choose which Social Networking site you would like to link to your account. Updates are sent when the Check-in/OK button is pressed. Post a Check-in/OK message to your Facebook or Twitter page when out of cell range and automatically include a map link to your location.

    • Power: To turn SPOT on simply press and hold the ON/OFF button until the button blinks green. SPOT performs a self-diagnostic test. When power is ON, the button will blink green every 3 seconds. This is helpful for making SPOT more visible in the dark. To turn SPOT off, press and hold the ON/OFF button until the light stops blinking.

    • Self Test: SPOT performs a self-test when you initially turn on your SPOT. If all visible lights flash red, the SPOT self-test has found a failure, and SPOT will not send a message. If the On/Off light, GPS light and Message Sending light all blink red, SPOT has a GPS failure, but SPOT may still be able to transmit an SOS or HELP message without your GPS location.

  • SPOT Message Schedule: SPOT is designed to provide outstanding quality and reliability. With a perfect view of the entire sky, the SPOT Messenger is designed to transmit virtually every message. In everyday conditions, the view of the sky is often blocked due to hills, buildings, or other obstructions so it is normal for some messages to be blocked. That is why the SPOT Messenger automatically sends multiple messages in every mode, giving you excellent overall reliability. In some modes this means multiple attempts to send the same message, while in other modes it means regularly updating GPS coordinates and sending a new message. Placement of your SPOT unit can make a difference. Experiment with placement until you are familiar with the reliability of your operating environment.


  • Size: 3" x 2.6" x 1.2" (7.6 cm x 6.6 cm x 3.2 cm)
  • Weight: 4.9 oz (w/ batteries)
  • GPS Lat. Lon. datum format: WGS-84
  • Operating temperatures: -13°F to +140°F (-25°C to +60°C)
  • Operating Altitude: -328 ft to 21,325 ft (-100 m to +6500 m)
  • IPX7 Waterproof: Up to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
  • Bluetooth range: ~30 feet
  • GPS accuracy: 32.8 ft (10 m) location accuracy
  • Commercial satellites (LEO): 1610-1620 MHz L-band frequency
  • Visibility: 1 to 4 at any one time
  • Multiple satellite constellation for fast signal detection
  • Compatibility: Apple iOS: Made for iPod touch® (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation), iPhone® 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G*, iPhone5 and Android™: Platform 2.0 or later
  • Battery Type: 2 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8X (L91)