The Sporting Rifle Book

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  • Fully revised and updated edition of an essential guide for all shots
  • Comprehensive survey of sporting rifle shooting, covering all aspects of the sport
  • Valuable advice for both the novice and expert
This essential manual covers all aspects of the sport, from types and choice of weapons to a practical analysis of rifle sport available today. The book places the sporting rifle in its historical context, describing its evolution from a scaled down cannon to the modern precision weapon. The range of calibers, bullets, and sights available and their suitability for different game and different circumstances are also discussed. Also provided is a detailed analysis of rifle sport today, including valuable advice on buying and owning a rifle and how and where to shoot. About the Author:
Robin Marshall-Ball has 40 years experience in sporting shooting. He is a freelance contributor to Shooting Times, Sporting Gun, Shooting and Conservation and other sporting magazines. He is the author of The Sporting Shotgun. He lives in England.