"Stalker" Ponchos Ghillie Suit

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Same netting Poncho as to the left, BUT with the front removed so you can crawl around. Actual weight before shipping is 5.5 Lbs. Desert Woodland Mossy Oak Leafy Green

Ghillie Poncho - Jute thread hand tied with over 3000 knots to a 5' x 9' nylon net. Netting has 1"x1" squares, and has 500 Lbs. of tensile strength. The Jute thread has 10-12 Lbs of tensile strength per strand. 4-5 strands of Jute thread are attached to every knot. Poncho has separate sleeves to put your arms through, and a attached hood.

Actual weight for the Full Poncho is 7.5 Lbs. MOST POPULAR! Please Specify Color!