SteriPEN JourneyLCD Handheld Water Purifier

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STERIJYRP: JourneyLCD - Handheld Water Purifier - The Ultraviolet Light Solution

Your guide to safe drinking water anywhere

Ideal for Travelers, Backpackers, Outdoorspeople, and Emergency Use.

No other handheld water treatment system matches SteriPEN's combination of speed, light weight, ease of use, and effectiveness.

About the SteriPENi¿½ JourneyLCD
The revolutionary SteriPENi JourneyLCD uses universal symbols to take the guesswork out of the water purification process. Now users have added assurance that their SteriPENi¿½ is working properly.

The Journey's integrated LCD screen displays the user's dose selection (1/2 liter or 1 liter), battery status and time remaining with a countdown to completion of the purification process. The LCD screen also tracks the number of uses and signals when lamp usage approaches its life limit. At 10,000 cycles, lamp life for SteriPEN JourneyLCD reaches a high (purify 1 liter 4 times a day for nearly 7 years!).

JourneyLCD: Your guide to safe drinking water anywhere
JourneyLCD is the most user-friendly SteriPEN ever. It has all of the speed of other models like Classic of Adventurer. And like the original Classic model, JourneyLCD has a good fit with water bottles to insure purification that allows for refilled plastic water bottles to be used, saving more plastic from landfills. JourneyLCD is light, 139g (4.9 oz.), operates via a single push-button, and provides the same great effectiveness proven in SteriPEN's comprehensive laboratory tests.

SteriPEN JourneyLCD Retail Pack
The SteriPEN JourneyLCD, like all SteriPENs, destroys viruses, bacteria, and protozoa such as giardia. The SteriPEN JourneyLCD is approximately 18.6 cm (7.3 in.) in length and 4.1 cm (1.6 in.) in width. It weighs 139g (4.9 oz.). The JourneyLCD mates with the SteriPEN Pre-Filter and purifies 0.5 L (16 oz.) in 48 seconds and 1 L (32 oz.) in 90 seconds. Its 10,000 dose lamp life yields up to 10,000 liters (2,500 gallons). 

(Package contents include: SteriPEN JourneyLCD neoprene carrying case, (2) disposable CR123 batteries, user's guide).

SteriPEN is effective against:

Outdoor microbes such as:

Cryptosporidium, Viruses, Bacteria & Giardia

Travel pathogens that cause:
Diarrhea, Dysentery, Hepatitis & Legionnaires' Disease

Household germs such as:
Bird Flu & Influenzas, E. coli & Salmonella, Staph & Strep

Natural disaster/bio-terror risks that case:
Botulism, Cholera, Smallpox & Typhoid 

Easy to use:

1. Push button to activate
2. Place lamp in clear water to illuminate
3. Stir until LCD screen indicates dose completed (48 seconds for 0.5 L)

No pumping, no test strips, no timekeeping, no aftertaste, no clogging, no lubricating, no replacement filters, no chemical odor. (Read User's Guide before operating.)

How does SteriPEN work?

SteriPEN creates ultraviolet (UV) light that disrupts the DNA of microbes in seconds. Without functional DNA, microbes can't reproduce or make you sick.

Quality & Warranty

At Hydro-Photon, product quality is our first priority. Every single SteriPEN is tested for correct function and ultraviolet light output. A Limited Lifetime Warranty for any manufacturing defect is included with every SteriPEN

Help the Environment

  • Using SteriPEN instead of buying bottled water keeps plastic bottles out of landfills.
  • With rechargeable batteries, you can purify 1 liter of water for less than $0.02 (USD).

Safety Features

  • Water Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Enclosed/Insulated Lamp
  • Integrated Microprocessor


  • Dimensions: 7.3" x 1.6" x 1.3"
  • Weight: < 142 g (5 oz.)
  • Lamp Life: 10,000 cycles (up to 2,500 gallons)

*SteriPEN's water sensors permit operation only when the lamp is immersed in water. Ultraviolet light cannot permeate the surface of water or pass through containers made of glass, plastic, metal or ceramics.