SurvivAMINO by Vitality Sciences

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Why SurvivAMINO™

How prepared are you for a survival situation?

You probably have the equipment; the expensive backpack, the medkit, the gore-tex jacket, but does your body have what it needs to keep pushing day after day?

The granola bar won't cut it. When facing the elements with limited supplies, you're in a survival situation. If you don't respect the power of nature, things can go bad quickly. Ask anyone who knew one of the 25 hikers who die every year on average.

How SurvivAMINO™ Works

What your body needs: When the going gets tough, your body and mind need to recover to be able to perform. Whether it's making a tough ascent for the first time or finding shelter before a storm breaks, being able to push yourself in these moments is not possible without an ample protein source. SurvivAMINO™ consists of nothing but pure, essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that are necessary for every reaction in your body.

SurvivBoxesLightweight, portable, and low volume: Take care of the most difficult part of the nutritional equation with confidence. Complete protein sources such as meat go bad in hours, easily storable forms are often an incomplete source of amino acids. SurvivAMINO™ is an innovative formula consisting of pure amino acids, taking care of your protein needs in a fraction of the space and weight. When every ounce counts, bet on SurvivAMINO™.

Improve your health: The SurvivAMINO™ formula has been used for decades by elite athletes to improve performance. By providing the building blocks for your body, the formula has been proven to add muscle, improve blood cell count, and even improve endurance in test subjects. When you're trying to survive, your health is what counts.

A complete source: Of the 22 commonly accepted amino acids, only 8 are deemed essential. Without these, important reactions cannot take place in the body. The consequences of this range from muscle wasting to organ failure and death. This is especially true for the elderly and young, who are less efficient at processing proteins. SurvivAMINO™ consists of 100% essential amino acids to make sure you have all the bases covered.

What is SurvivAMINO™

When you are in a survival situation, there's no room to take chances with quality. That's why we source our amino acids from the highest quality manufacturers in the world. We source from the same providers that supply producers of medical IV solutions for post operative recovery.

No binding agents, no caffeine, and no sugar added. Every ingredient in the SurvivAMINO™ is an amino acid essential to life. Anything else would just weigh you down. Keep it anywhere; in your pack, on your boat, or stored in your shelter. Be prepared. Sustain yourself. Sustain your survival.