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Ragnor's Urban Survival Guide, Book
Survival Guide, Evasion & Escape Book
Basic Prepardness  Basic Prepardness Self Reliant Living
Killer Tactics, Survival Guide for Small Business. Book
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The Ultimate Survival Shelters Book
Long-Term Survival In The Coming Dark Age Book
Self Reliance During Natural Disasters and Civil Unrest Book
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A survival guide could save your life or that of a loved one! Even the most experienced of survivalists should keep a survival guide close by when tackling nature because you never know what surprises make lurk ahead.

survival guide Whether you’re a novice hiker, camper, hunter or highly experienced outdoor survival instructor/guide, having an up to date survival guide can be a lifesaver. If for nothing else than something to kill the boredom in a survival situation, our guides are the ones you need. Boredom is often reported as a real problem in survival situations.

If you forget to stay put or forget the rule of three’s which are, you can live three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in a harsh environment, three days with water and three weeks without food, a good survival guide can help you get on the right track. Many people in survival situations die from the results of panic, or embarrassment.

Every time you leave the road, have your survival gear and a survival guide with you. There are thousands of stories from people who never thought they would be in a survival situation. However these same people were all the sudden thrown into a situation where if they had survival gear and a survival guide they would have either lived or simply lived better.

Your survival guide is one great addition to your emergency kit. This would be important not only for the knowledge that can be gained before and during a disaster situation, but panic can kill in a survival situation and the best way to avoid panic and/or depression is to keep busy. Many of these survival guides can be interesting reading, but will also keep you occupied by reading and implementing the ideas they offer.

The bottom line is to be prepared with a small pack with food, water, shelter, fire materials, a survival guide and a good knife at all times outside your home.

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Survival Guides
Survival Guides