Survivorman Season 1 - DVD

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Get the full first season of the award winning Survivorman series. Exclusively with our DVD 'Special Behind the Scenes Episode Whether braving alligator-infested swamps or bone-dry deserts, survival expert Les Stroud throws himself into harm's way, living out scenarios that would spell doom for most people. With no outside help--or even the aid of a camera crew!--Stroud films his week-long struggles to survive in the wilderness. Addictive, exhilarating, and informative, this series shows this rugged SURVIVORMAN beating the odds with ingenuity and skill. Included in this set are the episodes "Arizona Desert," "Boreal Forest," "Georgian Swamp," "Costa Rican Ocean," "Arctic," "Mountains," "Pacific Coast," "Canyonlands," and "Lost at Sea."