Tabasco Green Jalapeno Sauce - 2oz

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The color of TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce comes from its main ingredient. But you can also think of the sauce’s green color as your signal to go ahead and pour it on, because TABASCO® Green Sauce is milder than our Original Red Sauce. But, since it’s TABASCO®, you can bet it’s still plenty flavorful.

A must for Mexican food. Jalapeno is one of the main flavors of Mexican food, and TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce makes this popular cuisine especially delicious. Add it to a whole host of dips and dishes, like guacamole, salsa, tacos and burritos. It works just as well on entrees like red beans and rice or paella.

A hit north of the border, too. TABASCO® Green Sauce goes well with more than Mexican food. For instance, in Canada it’s often used to make a great Caesar, the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary. From barbecue sauce to dips, broiled fish to ice-cold melon, TABASCO® Green Sauce can be enjoyed unsparingly!

Ingredients: distilled vinegar, jalapeno pepper, water, salt, cornstarch, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid “to preserve freshness”.