Tabasco Hot Sauce 1/8 oz. Miniature

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For well over a century, the adventurous flavor of TABASCO Hot Sauce has fired up generations of thrill seekers. Try it on eggs, salads, soups, chicken, burgers, pizza and any other favorite food for a burst of flavor that's sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Tabasco Hot SauceHot sauce is also great for adding a little flavor to your least favorite MRE, some wild edible's or maybe some wild game that might not be your favorite. It's a great addition to your camping gear or emergency survival kit also.

These are the same size hot sauce that are in the MRE's, Meals Ready to Eat. They are also great for Bug out bags or just your fanny pack or backpack or even your pocket to add to any meal.

The pepper sauce that Edmund McIlhenny created in 1868 on Avery Island is much the same TABASCO Sauce that is produced today, on that very same site. The basic recipe, the process by which it’s made, and the ingredients remain unchanged. And five generations of McIlhennys and employees have dedicated themselves to preserving its legacy.

For over 140 years, Original TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce has stood as the ultimate test of courage. And once you're hooked, food without it just isn't the same. So go ahead; splash it on whatever you like. Or better yet, pour it on whatever you don't. Great on everything from eggs to seafood to pizza, it's the original, the gold standard, the mother of all hot sauces. And nothing else even comes close.

Since 1868, Original TABASCO Sauce has been made with just three natural ingredients: fully aged red peppers, Avery Island salt and high quality distilled vinegar. This simple recipe - when brought together and aged with the greatest care and attention - produces the incredibly pungent, fiery pepper sauce that's beloved the world over.