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Food grade D/Earth (Diatomaceous Earth) is made of the skeletal remains of fossilized microscopic plankton, or diatoms, which lived in the oceans and lakes millions of years ago. This plankton added to the buildup of sediment on the ocean floor, and today we mine the soft, powdery remains of that plankton, using the whitish shell flour for many purposes for pets and humans alike. The fossilized remains of these microscopic diatoms have remarkable and safe bug killing qualities when mined and milled to a fine powder. D/Earth can be added to animal feed to “scrub” the digestive tract of impurities, worms and parasites, or just to help with irregularity and digestive issues. Here is a list of many D/Earth uses.

  • Helps control fleas and ticks
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Sprinkle lightly on coat as a drying agent
  • For diarrhea it seems to act as an agent to draw bacteria out of the body and firm stool
  • Reduces odor and moisture around kennels or barns
  • Helps kill pests and parasites without harmful chemicals
  • Ingredeints: 100% Diatomaceous Earth. Food grade/Fresh water quality.

There are two kinds of Diatomaceous Earth, Food grade amorphous silicon dioxide, or better known as the safe, consumable D/Earth, and industrial crystalline silica that is used for such applications as pool filters and road or construction material. Only food grade, non-heated amorphous silica is safe to be used as an alternative pesticide or food additive, and great care must be taken to make sure you are buying and using the purest form possible.

As an alternative pesticide D/Earth is a very effective weapon against fleas, ticks, and any other type of bug with an exoskeleton. D/Earth is applied by lightly sprinkling the powder around areas that pests frequent, like kennels, bedding or flooring. When a pest walks through the D/Earth the shell flour sticks to insect’s exoskeleton and the tiny, microscopically sharp, diatoms begin to rub and wear down the bug’s protective barrier, ultimately cutting through the shell, dehydrating the insect, and effectively killing it. This process is done without the use of harmful chemical insecticides.


Kennel Use: Sprinkle lightly around kennel or bedding areas where there is a high concentration of parasites.

Oral Use: 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls per 50 lbs of body weight as needed as a nutritional supplement for animals with skin & coat needs during the parasite season.

*Product is labeled "not for human consumption" to meet the legal requirements of the FDA for products sold and marketed for pet use and consumption. While many products sold for "Pet Use" may be similar to products used by humans, Thomas Laboratories is obligated to remain within the boundaries set forth by the FDA regarding correct and current labeling of our products.

** Diatomaceous Earth, while safe to swallow, can be a lung irritant if breathed in. Please take all precautions neccesary (dust masks, respirators, etc.) to avoid breathing in dust. When applying this product to pet bedding or household carpeting, furniture, or flooring, please apply sparingly and allow dust to settle before re-population of pets and humans.