Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs

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Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs complement your Spark-Lite purchase and make sure you've got plenty of fire-starting ability. Each Tinder-Quik is specially treated to high standards to ensure the cotton is waterproof and provides more than adequate burn times for starting fires. Each tab burns for 2-3 minutes. Buy some now. Product has LIFETIME GUARANTEE
  • Weight per tab: 0.024 oz (0.7 g)
  • 10 tabs per packetTinder-Quik Fire Tabs
    SCOUT CHALLENGE! A few months ago, we decided to hold a Scout Challenge through our Facebook page. We had asked for troops from all over the country to send us their information and tell us a little bit about their troop. We received an overwhelming response from troops wanting to participate! Ultimately, we ended up choosing 10 troops for the Scout Challenge. Each of these troops were sent different fire starting items, included the item listed here. The troops were asked to take photos of their use of the fire starting materials, as well has give brief reviews of each item and state which ones worked well together. Interested in reading these great scout reviews? All you have to do is visit our blog My Dirt Time and look for the entries with the words "Scout Challenge" in the title. There you will find the scout reviews on this item, as well as other, plus a ton of other interesting information.

    Please Note: This item can not be shipped to Canada.

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