Turkey Calls & Calling Book

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  • Complete explanations of the many varieties of friction, air-activated, and locator calls
  • Turkey calling how-to
  • Where and when to ?talk turkey? ?Using manmade calls to talk with a wild turkey in the bird?s own language is pretty amazing stuff.? --Steve Hickoff, from the book From the traditional wing-bone turkey call used for generations to the newest high-tech calls, Hickoff gives tips and tactics for everyone who hunts the turkey woods. Instructions on how to make your own calls and how to call in wild turkeys will enhance every hunter?s ability to identify and make situational and seasonal vocalizations. Covers competition calling, caring for calls, and finding call makers. About the Author: Steve Hickoff lives in Maine and hunts wild turkeys around the country. He is a nationally recognized writer and columnist, and is the author of Fall & Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook.
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