Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker

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It's not just a summertime solar oven. It's MORE! It's a...

This Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker is an energy miser and operates on FREE solar power or on as little as 200 watts /110v AC of electric power. Save on your own electric bills!

Hybrid Solar Cooking OvenNationally recognized, the Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven is the greener way to cook outdoors. No open fire or fossil fuels required. Thermostatically controlled to save energy and reliable operation, cooking on "Hybrid Mode" keeps your food safe should the day's solar energy disappear. Cooks on cloudy days, partly cloudy days and all the sunny days, too! Start hybrid solar cooking from the first day! Keeps on cooking when other appliances quit.

Advantages of Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker:

Other solar cooking products: Older technology (Solar power only)
Tulsi-Hybrid: State of the art (Hybrid - duel powered)

Other solar cooking products: Cooks only on sunny days
Tulsi-Hybrid: 24 / 7 / 365

Other solar cooking products: Can be unpredictable
Tulsi-Hybrid: You get reliability & convenience


  • High performance solar oven Cooker w/"energy miser" back up AC 110v. electric elements...(Ultimate in this kind of technology up to 400F..... Convenient, reliable, economical)
  • 95% reflective scratch resistant reflector panel for longer wear and higher cooking temps.… (Higher reflectivity than a standard glass mirror)
  • Double paned oven window instead of the typical single pane…(Holds trapped energy longer for superior heating)
  • Double rubber oven seals instead of a single seal… (Better long term heat retention)
  • Attachable “Temp. Booster “reflector panels for… (Higher Temperature Cooking)
  • Larger internal cooking chamber…(Cook 4 different food items at one time or how about one large pizza)
  • Accessories… (Everything you need to get started solar cooking from day one)
  • 24/7 electric back-up system is energy efficient using typically 75% less electrical energy than your standard in-house oven… (The cost to operate is pennies)
  • Rugged suitcase design offers clamshell like protection to internal parts. (Sets up in seconds: Simple as opening a suitcase)
  • Portable for easy carrying or transport… (Suitcase style design fits easily in car trunk, campers, Rv's, or boat)
  • Larger cooking range: Canada to the tip of South America… (You cannot out travel the Tulsi-Hybrid)
  • In case of an emergency... Always be ready!

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How it works

1) The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven can be used in Hybrid mode:

We call using both solar and electric in combination - peace of mind. It’s the best of all worlds. You can solar cook more often and never have to worry about clouds again. When the sun is out the oven acts as a solar oven but when the sun disappears the oven acts as an electric oven cycling itself on and off between electric and solar when the sun reappears. Forget the roller coaster cooking temperatures and the threat of bacterial food poisoning that can happen with solar only ovens. The Tulsi-Hybrid’s two setting thermostat automatically controls and maintains the cooking temperature inside the oven chamber so your food is always safe and cooked to perfection even when the weather isn’t.

2) The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven can be an electric oven all by itself:

The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooker is thermostatically controlled and reaches cooking temperature of 300 degrees F. The Tulsi-hybrid cycles on and off after reaching cooking temperature for economical energy efficient operation. It’s so easy to use just plug the Tulsi-Hybrid’s power cord into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet. Operational cost is only pennies. The power source can from the electric company, a DC/AC inverter, or any back up generator. Wattage requirement a measly 200 watts (+/- 10%).

3) The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven can be an efficient premium solar oven all by itself:

Simply point the Tulsi-Hybrid towards the sun and adjust the back reflector panel to shine the sun’s sunlight into the oven’s dark cooking chamber. It’s that easy.

You will never find another oven like the Tulsi-Hybrid, it’s the ONLY Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker sold in America. It’s like having four appliances in one: a solar oven, crock-pot, slow cooker and portable outdoors camp oven.

The Tulsi-Hyrid Cooker was also chosen as Compare The Brand's Editor's Pick and received a ´´´´´ Star Rating!

Hybrid Solar Oven
Cooked in one day! The power of the Sun plus less than 13 cents worth of electric. 
Experience for yourself the "Hybrid" advantage!!

Why - Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven?

Nutrition: Temperature controlled cooking retains vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Uncontrolled temperature on LPG or wood leads to loss of approx. 80% of food value.

Complete Food: Solar cooking completes organic reactions enhancing flavor, aroma and taste. Organic compounds strengthen our immune system and defend against bacteria and virus.

Health: The home maker does not necessarily inhale poisonous gases which emit while cooking on conventional option and does not undergo the torture of heat.

Hygiene: The cooking environment inside the closed compartment is bacteria free, air tight utensils leave the air odourless and aroma of food remains intact.

Energy Loss: There are no energy losses while cooking on Solar Cooker whereas cooking on LPG, Kerosene and wood leads to 80-90% of energy loss.

Medicinal Value: Solar cooked food is easily digestible. It gradually relieves stomach disorder, constipation, gastric trouble and acidity. Shelf life of solar cooked food is 4-5 time higher.

Accident Free: There are no chances of explosion or fire while using Solar Cooker. It is very dangerous for household families with infants to use LPG, wood or microwave oven ,as they are highly accident prone.

Environment: If 3% of the population start using solar cooker. Millions of tons of wood and LPG can be saved annually correspondingly millions of tons of Carbon dioxide emission is reduced.

National Saving: If 3 % of the population start using solar cooker foreign exchange worth billions of dollars can be saved by third world or developed nations who import LPG..

Cost: Solar Cooker is cheaper than Microwave oven; running cost of Solar Cooker compared to LPG, kerosene or fire wood is virtually nil and is maintenance free.

Mobility: Solar Cooker is highly mobile. This cooking device can cook during camping, picnics or on snow clad mountains without any man made means of energy.

Cosmic Energy: Solar cooked food is full of cosmic energies ( life forces) which keeps you healthy and free from mental tensions.

Saves Time: Solar cooking saves a lot of prestigious time of the homemaker which is normally consumed for cooking purposes


Handicapped People Assisted

Thousands of old and handicapped are starving to death; many of them have trouble meeting utility bills on limited source of income. We have on our list hundreds of satisfied handicapped customers. We feel, providing the less privileged with a Tulsi solar cooker is a blessing. He benefits in various ways -

  • He overcomes the difficulty in preparing food by conventional means.
  • Saves money by way of energy bills.
  • There is no chance of accident.
  • Many a times, close relatives or associates misuse their cash grants. Social workers, NGO's or government bodies are helpless in overcoming this situation. If these grants are utilized in providing them with a Tulsi solar cooker their interests are safe guarded.

Non-Conventional Energy Development of U. P. (INDIA) with the help of Govt of India [handicapped grant] distributed hundreds of Tulsi solar cookers to less privileged people of the State.

Army Personal

Army personnel stationed at high altitude areas under sub zero temperature and adverse weather conditions find difficulty in cooking on conventional means, due to scarcity of oxygen, and non availability of power restricts them in using electrical cooking gadgets

IREDA & Ministry Of Non-Conventional Energy Sources Delhi, asked us to develop a special model for defense forces which can operate under adverse weather conditions ROHITAS ELECTRONICS, KANPUR,INDIA successfully developed, manufactured and supplied this military version of solar cookers to them. This model was very successful, widely appreciated and are in use till date.

Click here to download an article from Today's Diet & Nutrition magazine which includes tips and benefits of Solar Cooking.

Our CampingSurvival.com new product test

This past Saturday and few of our people got together and had a cookout with the new Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker and it was shocking how well it did. Here is what Dave said about our cookout.

"Yeah, Saturday was an excellent day. The food was taken out of the hybrid solar oven at 240 degrees We set up and started at 9:30 and served at 12:30 sharp. The air temp was around the low 30's with bright sunshine and no wind. It was an great test for the Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooker. It just goes to show what a little sun and minimal electric can accomplish. I think there was 10 people at this luncheon, awesome.

In total we cooked up about 6 lbs of food: The chicken cordon bleu weighed about 4 lbs, the carrots and green beans were each from a 1 lb bag.

Note: There was no way on this green earth a solar only oven would have a had that same luncheon menu cooked before 2 or 3 PM.

Thank you for the invitation, it was nice to have met all your staff. Tom and I enjoyed the day."


Check out all the Pictures and details from our Hybrid Solar Cooking demo. If you're looking to get into solar cooking or have been for years and want to get the best solar cooker available, click above for all the details of our Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker.

Latest news on Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker ( June 10, 2008)
This past weekend I emailed our supplier/importer (Dave) of the Hybrid Solar Oven Cooker the following:"Hey Dave,

I just pulled the cooker out of the basement and bought two London broils. Cut them up and have them marinating. Tomorrow I’m making solar jerky and I’m going try it without the electric. It’ll be a good test of the basic product and I will use the positive results to promote the product. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Dave then emailed me back the following. It also has some good info that helped me remember a couple things."Tomorrow will should be a good day. The best time to solar (only) is between 11 & 3.

Remember to make the little device with the roofing nail. That way you'll be 100% in focus.

I think you'll have no problem. Be sure to preheat the oven and let it air out before starting the actual cooking. Remember the oven's new.

Once you toss in the London broils just be patient and let the sun and oven do their "magic."
I went ahead and worked on my solar jerky. Here's how it went:

My solar jerky is done. It worked. Yeah! However, I have once again proven what an idiot I am. After putting the racks full of beef strips in the cooker I realized that I had too much beef. So I pulled out my electric dehydrator and put the rest on there thinking that it would be a good test. Solar against electric. Anyway, after two morning soccer games, running to Lowes for another project and dropping one of the kids at a birthday party I didn’t get the thing going until 12:30. I had preheated it by starting it before I left for soccer so it got a few hours of “electric time” to preheat before I got the beef in, since I have never had it out of the box. My electric dehydrator died and I couldn’t find another one while doing all my other stuff. I just slow cooked the extra beef strips on the grill for about ½ hour and did nothing but prove that my marinade was tasty.

At about 4:00 I decided to open the cooker and saw about a cup of liquid on the bottom. I also noticed that the plastic racks that I used for the beef strips that came from my now dead electric dehydrator were melting. Dave, I know. “Duh!! It’s an oven”. Well me being in a constant rush doing all my other stuff and being very "distracted", cleaned the liquid out and replaced the melting racks with the rest of the racks from dehydrator. Well, at a little after 7:00 I figured we were done for the day and was gunna get the jerky out, done or not, and shut it down clean up and go inside. I opened up the cooker for the second time in almost 7 hours and saw that the plastic racks were melted even more than the previous racks. Again, Duh!. “How does he do this twice?” you’re thinking.

The good news is that without any electric hookup, I made beef jerky in about 7 hours with only the sun. An electric dehydrator takes longer. They look like perfect jerky strips. The bad news is that they taste like plastic. Oh, what an idiot!

I need some metal racks. Once again, duh!

Anyway, my test was a success, I just screwed it up.

I hope to try this another weekend.

Tom Sciacca
JHL Supply / CampingSurvival.com

The above test shows how valuable this solar oven cooker is not only if you enjoy solar cooking, but also for emergency preparedness. This is a real oven and if you lose all power, you can still cook just about anything. Or you can dry your perishable foods before they go bad in an emergency situation. Also, if you lose power, it would be very difficult to run your home oven on battery or generator power. Whereas our Hybrid solar oven cooker is easy to run on a car battery or small generator. So you'll always be able to cook in any situation.

Shipping Costs:
Canada: $45.00
Hawaii: $48.00


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Solar Oven Review

The product is cosmetically different then the picture shown. It didn\'t arrive in good condition. The seal between the glass plates had a rupture but I fixed that with a dab of High Temp silicone. Over all the oven works great and I have posted a You Tube video preforming a side by side test with the American Made Sun Focus. I highly recommend this product but I believe the American Made model to be far superior. Which ever one you choose, I believe this is a tool that should be a part of everyone\'s emergency equipment!!!!
Review by Rick Regalado  (Posted on 2/20/2012)