Tying Small Flies Book

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  • Midge larvae and pupae, tiny parachutes, floating nymphs, micro scuds, tiny ants
  • Choosing the right hook, thread, wire, and amount of weight for small flies plus 75 patterns, including Brassie, RS-2, Renegade, Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear, Griffith's Gnat
  • Foreword by John Gierach Taking trout on lightweight rods with flies as small as size 20 and 30 is a challenge. Learn to imitate midges' trailing shucks and drowned adults, tie tiny parachutes and white-winged Tricos, and create patterns that mimic microcaddis and micro scuds. Engle covers small-fly history, tying tools, and materials. Tips on fishing techniques come from Ed Engle's 30 years of experience fishing small flies on the South Platte River. About the Author:
    Ed Engle began writing a column about small flies for Fly Tyer magazine in 1996. His previous books are Splitting Cane, Fly Fishing the Tailwaters, and Seasonal: A Life Outside. He lives in Colorado, where he guides and instructs fly fishers on the South Platte River. 240 pages, 300 color photos
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