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Ultimate Survival Band "Don't Tread on Me" Engraved - 9 Inch

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This band is made with 15? of black 550 paracord, the clasp toggle is made of flint, the tag is stainless steel and is attached with jute twine.

To use the band you would first remove the jute string and stainless steel tag (striker), take the jute twine and fluff in to a birds nest, take the flint (clasp) in one hand and the striker in the other, scrape the striker against the flint while resting in the jute twine, you will create a spark that will light the jute. Then add twigs to get the fire going, eventually wood. You can also use the back of a knife to strike against the flint if you have other means of tinder to start the fire without breaking down the band.

Recharging the band, take any crochet needle with eye hole, then lace back in to band with the striker for the next time.

This band comes with 2 fishing hooks, 3 weights and 20 feet of braided fishing line. You can access this by unwrapping the band and using a stick to tie the line to , weights and hook to make a old fashion cane pole. This band does just about every thing you need to survive most situations until help has arrived.

Start fire-cook-boil water-tie a shelter-keep warm-catch fish-snare traps-home made bow-sew clothing-fix wounds- and so much more.

"Don't Tread on Me" Engraved