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 photo IMG_3044-2-L_zps809117bd.jpgThis 24 Piece Urban Survival Kit contains the following items:

  • Rothco Deluxe Waterproof Nylon Day Packs - Black
  • Datrex food bar 2400 calorie
  • 3 Emergency Drinking Water-Individual Packets
  • 5 Rothco White Neon Glow Light sticks
  • Enforcer Mini 17.6oz Fire Extinguisher
  • Wind Up Radio / Flashlight / Siren
  • AMK Adventure First Aid 0.5 Kit
  • Rothco Polarshield Sleeping Bag Style Survival Blanket
  • Emergency Rain Poncho - Clear
  • 4 in 1 Emergency Tool
  • 60 yard roll Olive Drab Tape
  • Bath Wet Wipes. No rinse wipes
  • Survival Kit in a Sardine Can
  • Rothco Deluxe Chow Set
  • Rothco G.I. Style Aluminum Canteen Cup
  • Coghlan's Waterproof, Survival / Emergency Matches
  • Olive Drab Green Paracord - 50 Feet
  • Coghlan's Sewing Kit
  • Coghlan's Emergency Candles
  • Cow Hide Working Gloves
  • Coghlan's Tube Tent

    This is a nice start to an urban survival kit and is more complete than other companies “complete” kits even though we view it as a start. It actually has quite a bit more than 26 pieces because of all the 38 pieces in the survival kit in a can and all the pieces in the first aid kit. Believe it or not, other companies will count these contents as part of the kit to make it sound like a bigger kit. We make our kits to be used rather than just purchased and forgot about. One of the first things you should add when you get your urban survival kit is a few lighters and fire starting materials. We have included a little bit of water in this kit, but you should not only add more but also consider ways of acquiring water in a survival situation such as water purifiers and/or water purification tabs . We like a two to three stage treatment for water purification. Depending on what the water looks like, you could first run it through a clean t-shirt or coffee filter to get any sediment out. Then use the water purification tabs (or boil the water for 10 minutes or use non-scented plain bleach) to “kill” the water and eliminate the “bugs” in the water. Next you should run it through a water filter or purifier to get rid of any chemicals or other particles in the water that the water tabs or boiling would not get rid of.

    Take some time to think what the possible urban survival situations are in your area. Is your area likely to be hit by either a manmade or natural disaster? Hurricanes, tonadoes, floods or a terrorist attack. What would you do if a fuel delivery truck was passing by your area and had an accident. Then a police officer told you that you had to evacuate in 10 minutes? What would you grab and go with? What should you have in your urban survival kit? Think about water, shelter, food, first aid, security, hygene and some comfort items such as your favorite candy. Make sure you have enough gear to take care of you and your family for a minimum of 72 hours.

    Other prepared "Urban Survival" kits that you can buy elsewhere won’t have items like the Radio/Flashlight/Siren, the Rain Poncho, the Emergency tool, the Survival Kit in a can, the chow set, the canteen cup or many of the other items. We’ve added these items to our survival kit so you’ll have what you need and because the items in our kits have more than one use for each item. The Survival Kit-in-a-Can Mini Survival Kit is one great addition to your urban survival kit or even just your purse of glove box. It has so many items that you could not only use in an urban survival situation, but also for every day use. Remember redundancy. Redundancy is a big part of a good kit. For example this urban survival kit has three different flashlights and candles which can come in handy for more than heat and light. It's a lot easier to get a candle lit than it is to lite a whole fire. Light the candle first and go from there. You should also throw a few extra batteries in your survival kit when you get it. Some of the items in the mini kit are already in this urban survival kit, but it’s nice to have more than one of an item, just in case. The wet naps are real nice to have too. It is incredibly refreshing to simply wipe the back of your neck with a wet wipe (baby wipe) if you haven’t had a shower in a day or two or just while your on a long hike. We have put all this together with a great deal of thought not to just offer you a good urban survival kit, but also to offer you a guideline to make your own kit. It’s always better to assemble your own survival kit that it is to buy one preassembled because you’ll learn more and know how to use the components if you do it yourself. But for now this is a great way to start.

    Go ahead and picture yourself sitting somewhere with nothing but the clothes on your back and your Urban Survival Kit. Several of these items have more than one purpose such as the canteen cup. You could not only use the canteen cup to eat or drink out of, you could boil water for ten minutes to purify it or you can even dig with it. We selected this specific backpack, for example, over many of the other cheap ones we’ve seen that other kits come in because of it’s quality. There’s room for more of your gear! There is a newer backpack we are now using for this kit which is different from what is in the above picture. This backpack is constructed of 600 D polyester and features a padded back and airflow shoulder straps. It is a real backpack that we sell every day for many purposes. It’s not a cheaply made backpack that we had made so we could put urban survival kits together. So if you end up having to live out of this kit or hike with it, it’ll hold up. Most other survival kit suppliers will have their Emergency Kits in bright orange thin nylon backpacks. It’s almost as if they just want to sell you a kit and don’t really care if it is any good. Another reason we really like this backpack with our urban survival kit kit, other than the higher quality, is the color and look of it. If you’re walking around with your survival kit, you don’t want it to look like something someone else wants (such as a survival kit full of urban survival gear) and make yourself look like a target. Our backpack is the same kind of quality attractive backpack that is on college campuses throughout the country. If for some reason you want to be noticed, throw some reflective bright tape in your backpack to use when you need it. If you want to be discrete or need to hide, you aren’t going to want to be carrying a bright orange backpack. Depending on what you’re planning for, how many people your planning for, how many kids that can carry their own gear etc, you may decide that you need a larger pack and here is an excellent pack 

    You can always find less expensive urban survival kits elsewhere but they’ll often be full of either junk products or not very well thought out. When you either buy or make your own urban survival kit, you should think about what your needs will be. Remember the images of the people in New Orleans walking across the bridges to get away from the flooding. Imagine that once you get to your destination, hopefully not a public shelter, what would you need to be comfortable. Remember, survival is not only about getting through with your life, but really about having enough of the minimum requirements of comfort as well. While putting this survival kit together, picture yourself after a hurricane or other disaster and your home is gone or you’ve evacuated the area. Even think about having to go live in the woods, a field, a campground or even a hotel that’s out of commission and is offering no services. What would you need in your survival kit?

    When you receive your urban survival kit, spread it out on the floor and go through it. Make sure you know what is in it and you know what everything is and how to use it. Go ahead and add a few water bottles. This kit comes with a little bit of water, but you are going to want more. Make sure you go through the survival kit every 6 months or so and check everything out and change the water at least. If you buy this urban survival kit you are going to want to add some more extras as soon as you get it. We bet you’ll need toilet paper for example. We do sell it here , but you can also grab some from your bathroom and throw it in a couple ziplock bags. You also might want to add another survival knife. This kit already has the Swiss Army type knife, but a good fixed place knife is a nice tool to have with you as well. Not only for the obvious purposes but also digging, prying, opening things etc. If you don’t already have one, we can help make some suggestions such as the following A higher end knife or a low end, but good knife 

    Another great item to add to your Urban Survival Kit would be a survival guide. This would be important not only for the knowledge that can be gained before and during a disaster situation, but panic can kill in a survival situation and the best way to avoid panic and/or depression is to keep busy. Many of these survival guides can be interesting reading, but will also keep you occupied by reading and implementing the ideas they offer. Here are some good survival guides . Dust masks are also nice to have, but we keep a couple bandanas in our kits because they have so many uses rather than just the one use of the dust masks.

    You may also be interested in getting these for your urban survival kits.
  • - MRE, Meals Ready to Eat
  • - Chapstick
  • -Rope/cord
  • -hard candy or your favorite non-perishable and non-melting candy
  • Compass
  • -Personal Hygiene Kit
  • -A good multitool
  • -Escape mask
  • -Pocket can opener -There is a can opener on the Swiss Army type knife that is already included in the kit, but it can’t hurt to have two can openers (remember redundancy) in case one breaks or even for trade.
  • -Depending on your situation you may need to create warmth and will need a fire. Remember the "Rule of Three's". You can live three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in a bad environment, three days without water and three weeks without food. In a survival situation this is a good guide to think about. You might want a few lighters in your urban survial kit, but here is another good way to start fire (especially if the place you're in or the transportation you’re using will not allow lighters). Magnesium fire (learn how to use it first) starter and some tinder here
  • -Camp stove here
  • -Sewing kit here
  • -Bug repellant here
  • -Sun screen here
  • -Hand warmers here depending on your location and local temperatures
  • -Mess kit, basic here
  • -Pocket saw here
  • -Potassium pills here

  • Here are some other items that we like to have in our emergency kits and urban survival kits.
  • Underwear
  • Sox
  • Pants
  • long sleeve shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Footwear
  • Notebook, pen, pencils
  • Quarters, $1.00 bills or more if you can
  • Trash bags
  • Pet care products
  • Small shovel
  • Tools such as multi tip screwdriver, pliers and hammer

    If after checking out our urban survival kit you decide you do like one item but not another so you don’t want this specific kit or any of our other kits, feel free to put your own kit together. Simply add all the items you want to your shopping cart and during checkout you’ll be asked for a coupon code, just enter “kit” and you’ll receive an additional 3% off your order. Or feel free to call us and we’ll help you with the perfect survival kit for you.