US Military Surplus Compressed Trioxane Fuel Bars - 3 Pack

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Trioxane Fuel bars are military surplus and only periodically available. The military now uses these which are now better. Click Here

Compressed Trioxane Fuel Bars are the same great source of fuel the US military uses to heat their meals in the field.

Directions: Take precautions to avoid contamination of food by loose power. Cleanse hands after handling. Do not remove from wrapper until ready to use. Remove any loose powder from tablet before igniting. Place and burn 1/3 bar or more approximately 2 inches below vessel being heated. Protect from wind but use with adequate ventilation. Replace partially unused bar in tightly closed wrapper.

"This stuff was in every pack and bag I had when i was in the Marine Corps. I love this stuff. Burns super easy, super hot, last forever and even works great after being crushed in the bottom of a pack. I've heated up just about everything to eat or drink over the years with this stuff and it's idiot proof. I highly recommend you get a bunch and keep them everywhere." - Tom Sciacca, President

Size: 30 Grams

Burn Time: 7 minutes

NSN: 9110-00-263-9865

Specification: MIL-F-10805D

Manufacture: Van Brode Milling Co., Inc.