Coghlan's Vinyl Repair Tape

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Coghlan's Vinyl Repair Tape, useful with your camping gear, features: Coghlan's Vinyl Repair Tape
  • Made of a tough vinyl plastic material with pressure sensitive adhesive backing
  • Quick repairs to cuts and tears of waders, vinyl rainwear, ground sheets, back packs. Dozens of uses.
  • Coghlan's Vinyl Repair Tape is easy to use! Just peel off paper backing and apply
  • Four assorted colors in each kit
4 pieces of vinyl material backed with pressure sensitive adhesive. 1 - 9 x 3 in., 1 8 x 3 in., 1 - 7 x 3 in., 1 - 6 x 3 in. Directions:
Cut patch to desired size and shape. Bring ton edges together, remove paper backing from tape and apply to tear. Rub all edges of tape firmly to form a strong bond. Apply to dry surface only. Tape is waterproof and article repaired can be used immediately. USES:
Coghlan's Vinyl Repair Tape is tough and has exceptionally strong adhesive holding strength. I can be used to repair tears in almost any vinyl or rubber article. To see the complete line of Coghlan�s camping gear, check out our new site dedicated to all of Coghlan�s more than 450 items here.