Ron Hood

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Since the military, Ron spent much of his spare time living, learning and studying wilderness and survival skills with native populations around the world. He continues the practice to this day. Ron has been teaching wilderness education and high-risk activities at major universities for over 20 years and has been a frequent guest on national television and radio programs. In addition to his public appearances he has been a technical consultant for many motion picture and television productions. Ron has been running Summer wilderness programs since 1975.

Ron was a member of the United States Army Security Agency (ASA) from June of 1963 to May 1967. The Army Security Agency (ASA) was a Special Warfare unit that operated as a pipeline command taking it's orders directly from the JCS and from cabinet level officers. The ASA was activated in September 1945 and served through December 1976 when it's assets were merged with those of the US Army Intelligence Agency to form the US Army Intelligence and Security Command.

Ron was in ASA Intel training at Ft. Devens MA and other sites for 9 months from June 1963 through March 1964.

He served in Sinop Turkey March 1964 through April, 1965

He served in Vietnam from May, 1965 through his return to the "States" in late May 1967

While in Vietnam he was assigned to the ASA TAREX program (TARget EXploitation) where he was involved with the acquisition, analysis and use of enemy equipment, codes and communications. TAREX frequently worked closely with Special Forces as well as many other units.

All missions of the ASA were highly classified. More information is available in the "Vietnam Order of Battle" by Shelby L. Stanton p.p. 233

Ron has an Master of Science degree from California State University, Northridge and is short only his graduation for his Doctorate in Management from Pepperdine University. He says he has better things to do.