Wipe-eeze Anti Bacterial Wipes. Dispenser Pack of 15 Wipes. Great for Bug out bag

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Anti Bacterial Wipes are impregnated with a sterilizer designed to prevent cross contamination. Useable on hands and all surfaces.

Product Info

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingredients -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deionised Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Chlorhexadine Gluconate, Cetrimide (BP Grade)

Health Hazard Information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inhalation: Removing to fresh air and obtain medical attention. On Combustion: Respiratory irritation. Remove from area and call physician. Skin Contact: Wash with soap and water, obtain medical attention if irritation persists. Eye Contact: Burning sensation. Flush with water and seek medical advice, should irritation persist. Ingestion: Not induce vomiting, obtain medical attention.

Storage and Handling -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Store in normal cool dry place, warehouse conditions.