Wild Game Chilies, Soups, and Stews Book

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  • Book includes over 250 recipes using small game, big game, game birds, seafood, and exotics
  • Chilies, soups, and stews featuring rabbit, squirrel, beaver, muskrat, opossum, raccoon, armadillo, whitetail, antelope, boar, buffalo, bear, caribou, elk, moose, wild goat, (cont. below)
  • Wild sheep, grouse, partridge, squab, quail, pheasant, wild duck, wild geese, wild turkey, crab, salmon, crawfish, clams, oysters, catfish
About the Author:
Cousin Rick Black is a veteran hunter, fisherman, and outdoor cook. He has written several wild game cookbooks and how-to books on hunting, including Bag 'Em and Tag 'Em, The Deer Burger Cookbook, Grillin' Like a Villain, and Cabin Cookin'. Rick's outdoor sports column "Cousin Rick Says" is one of the most popular among Iowa's outdoorsmen. Rick lives in Burlington, Iowa. Review:
On Rick Black?s Cabin Cookin?: ?Its mouth-watering recipes speak for themselves.? --The Midwest Book Review

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goat simulator

<br>Preschool kids will love it, storybook, and also shall any children which knows how to swipe his finger on the screen. It\'s a storytelling interactive tale about a goat, simulator of having a narrator reading the tale to your toddlers. Interactive tale for kids, goat in the woods in peril. Easy way to learn reading by having the tale read by a lector. Teaching apps that is kids safe because of the lack of ads. Truly your children can save it while practicing reading. Funny animal and his funny story that educates about saving the environment and nature. Anyones children will love it. Nice drawings to have fun with and learn. Quick to play and funny to get in contact with outdoors. Educating storytelling experience with goat for toddlers and babies. Learning story play for your preschool children who certainly adore animals.
Review by books for kids  (Posted on 8/13/2014)

Great Book for outdoor cooking. Thank you Cousin Rick Black!

This is a wonderful book for the outdoor cook and hunter. Well wrote great tips and a blast to read and use. I would also buy his Deer Burger Cook Book a classic.
Review by TJ Brooks  (Posted on 9/8/2012)

Cousin Rick Rules

Love this book. Nothing close to books on wild game soup. A very well written cookbook.
Review by Justin Powell  (Posted on 4/8/2010)