The World of the Lurcher Book

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  • Sets out the essential physical and mental characteristics that make a successful lurcher
  • Author Colonel Hancock has been described as ?perhaps the most important living writer about dogs? This is Colonel Hancock?s eighth book about lurchers, the hunting dog of the humbler hunters. It covers not just the origins, uses, structure, breeding advice, blend of breeds, and foreign counterparts, but the wide patronage of these hybrid talented hounds. This is a book for the hunter, the person interested in what the lurcher does, and covers many aspects of this hunting breed for the first time, all lavishly illustrated. No previous book has covered comparable hunting dogs so fully; no other book on lurchers evaluates so deeply the value of the breeds contributing to this hybrid hound. About the Author:
    Colonel David Hancock MBE has been studying dogs for over fifty years. He has written a number of very successful books, including The Mastiffs: The Big Game Hunters, now in its sixth edition. He judges working terriers and working tests for gundogs. He is a regular contributor to Country Life, The Field, Countryman?s Weekly, and Dogs Today. Pages: 192 pages
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