The Working Whippet Book

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  • The only whippet book to deal in any depth with training and working
  • A practical training manual covering everything from puppy to fully trained dog
The Working Whippet is devoted to the breeding, training and preparation of the whippet for work in the field. Beginning with an introduction to the breed, its origins, role and importance in the past and today, the book then moves into practical tips on what to look for in a puppy, caring for the puppy, feeding, and worming, as well as early training, teaching skills for the field, working by day and night, care of the working dog, and selecting a stud dog, whelping, and rearing a litter. The Working Whippet contains valuable advice not only for owners of whippets, but also all running dogs. About the Author:
Helen Hansell grew up on a Welsh hill farm and qualified and worked as a gamekeeper on a commercial pheasant shoot, trained a variety of working dogs, and learned how to fly and hunt with hawks. She lives on a smallholding at the foot of the Black Mountains with her husband and four children.