XMRE Military Type MRE - Standard 12 Case with Heaters

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XMRE Military Type MRE - Standard 12 Case with Heaters

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Item Description
Calories per meal : 1,000 to 1,300 Cal

Calories per 12 Case : 12,000 to 15,600 Cal

Shelf Life : 5 years or more depending on storage temperature and conditions from date of pack

Packing and Packaging : 12 Meals to a Case - 6 different menus per case

Each complete X MRE Meal contains an 8oz (227 gr) entrée: 1 bread item, 2-3 snack/side items, 1-2 beverages, 1 accessory pack and a flameless heater. All components are packed in a military grade waterproof and tamper proof XMRE outer bag.

An XMRE 12 Case, Ready To Eat (Military MRE Type) will provide the nutrients and caloric value of 4 to 6 days of complete meals for one person and can be eaten at any place, at any time.

Component Options:

Entree: Variety of beef, chicken, pork, tuna, or vegetarian entrees

Bread Items: regular or vegetable crackers, snack bread, corn bread or flour tortillas.

Snacks / Sides: MRE Bars, nut raisin mix, dried fruit mix, peanut butter jelly/jam spreads, dairy shakes, instant pudding, wet packed fruit, muffin tops, MRE Cookies, pound cake or other portion controlled packs.

Beverages: Single or assorted fruit flavored drink mixes, isotonic fruit flavored beverages, carb and maltodextrin enriched fruit flavored beverages, cocoa based instant beverages, cappuccino based instant beverages or others available.

Accessory Kit: Includes spoon or spork, napkin, salt and pepper and moist towelette. Some may contain coffee, creamer, sugar and hot beverage bags.

Waterproof Outer Bag: Military grade waterproof and tamper proof XMRE outer bag

** menu suggestions only/ final menus may vary depending on availability

X MRE Meals

One X MRE Single Meal will provide the nutrients and caloric value of a complete meal and can be eaten at any place, at any time.

X MRE stands for “eXtreme Meals Ready to Eat” . All the contents are fully cooked and can be eaten hot or cold.

Each XMRE Single Meal Kit replicates the calorie count of a complete meal.

There is no need to add water to an X-MRE. Simply open the pouch and enjoy!

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XMRE Military Type MRE - Standard 12 Case with Heaters
XMRE Military Type MRE - Standard 12 Case with Heaters