Zodi Extreme SC Water Heater and Shower

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Featuring stainless steel construction for extra durability and hand pump operation for self-contained use, the Zodi Extreme has been the #1 hot shower of choice for back country use for years. The powerful 10,000 BTU steel stove completes the extreme as truly a self-contained portable hot shower. Includes water temperature indicator and showerhead with on/off control for extra convenience. Great for camping & hunting. Features
  • Universal design - delivers instant hot water with any stove
  • Just place on top of stove, submerge pump in water & ignite stove
  • Heats unlimited hot water instantly
  • 4 gallon watertight nylon padded gear bag stores system for transport
  • Adjust water temperature up to 100F (adjust gas valve or recirculate)
  • Watertight battery case with on/off switch (requires 4 "D" cell batteries)
  • Enjoy over 60 gallons of hot water between battery changes
  • Powerful 6 volt pump with debris screen provides great water pressure
  • 8 foot flexible shower hose with water saving showerhead
  • Great for dishes, kids, showers, outfitting, etc
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