Zodi Hot Tap Stove Top Portable Shower

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The convenient Stove Top Shower is designed to deliver hot water and hot showers using the heat from your existing camp stove. Easy to use! Place the heater across stove burner, submerge the compact pump in water (requires 4 "D" cell batteries) and ignite stove burner. Expect hot showers in seconds! The padded gear bag doubles as a water container. Great for RVs and family camping. Features:
  • Universal design - delivers instant hot water with any stove
  • Just place on top of stove, submerge pump in water & ignite stove
  • Heats unlimited hot water instantly
  • 4 gallon watertight nylon padded gear bag stores system for transport
  • Adjust water temperature up to 100F (adjust gas valve or recirculate)
  • Watertight battery case with on/off switch (requires 4 "D" cell batteries)
  • Enjoy over 60 gallons of hot water between battery changes
  • Powerful 6 volt pump with debris screen provides great water pressure
  • 8 foot flexible shower hose with water saving showerhead
  • Great for dishes, kids, showers, outfitting, etc
  • Weight: 12 lbs
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