Zodi X-40 Outfitter Hot Shower #5146

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NEW! The Zodi Hot Tap X-40 is a very high output instant water heater and hot shower system, delivering up to 50 hours of continous hot water between propane refills. Designed for professional outfitters, base camps, cabins, and horse trailers, this shower is constructed of rugged steel for extra durability. The 16 ft long hose allows use all over camp from the kitchen area for the dishes to the shower area without moving the heater. Electronic ignition (requires AA battery) for "instant on" convenience. Legs retract for compact storage in tough storage gear bag. Rugged steel handles for easy transport. The powerful X-40 is the toughest portable water heater available anywhere. So tough it is even in use in Antarctic. (Propane tank not included) Designed for base camps and cabins, the rugged Zodi Hot Tap X-40 is very high output, Instant water and portable hot shower. Packed with 40,000 BTU of power, a 12 volt water pump, and a 16 foot shower hose, the X-40 delivers endless hot water for showers, cleaning up and game prep anywhere . Includes padded storage case.