A-Pack Ready Meals - Reduced Sodium Meals Ready to Eat

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The packing list that comes with each individual meal may not accurately relect the contents.

These were packaged in December 2014 and have an Insp/test date of 12/2019

Disaster Preparedness

The government and the American Red Cross urge every family to be prepared to care for themselves for the first 72 hours after a natural disaster or emergency situation.

Get your daily nourishment from APack™ Ready Meals. They are compact, durable, nutritious, self-heating and shelf-stable. Each case of APack™ Ready Meals contains 12 Reduced Sodium meals (2 each of 6 delicious varieties).

A single case can provide nutritional variety, critical in crisis situations where appetite may be suppressed by stress or emotional trauma. The entrée is ready in just 10 minutes by using the self-heating unit.

Each box consist of 2 Sweet & Sour Sauce with Rice & Chicken, 2 Southwestern style Black Beans with Rice & Chicken, 2 Spaghetti w/ Italian Style Sauce & Meat, 2 Homestyle Vegetables in Sauce w/Noodles & Chicken, 2 Pork Sauce & Rice, & 2 Pasta w/ Garden Vegetables in Tomato Sauce. Each package contains a ration heater.


Nutritional Information:

Product Details:

  • Just two meals meet an individual’s full daily caloric needs
  • Meals are self-heating – the entrée is ready in just 10-12 minutes
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