A-Pack Ready Meals - Reduced Sodium Southwestern Style Black Beans w/ Rice and Chicken

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The packing list that comes with each individual meal may not accurately relect the contents.

These were packaged in December 2014 and have an Insp/test date of 12/2019

Disaster Preparedness

The government and the American Red Cross urge every family to be prepared to care for themselves for the first 72 hours after a natural disaster or emergency situation.

Get your daily nourishment from APack™ Ready Meals. They are compact, durable, nutritious, self-heating and shelf-stable.  The entrée is ready in just 10 minutes by using the self-heating unit.

Each box consist of 2 Sweet & Sour Sauce with Rice & Chicken, 2 Southwestern style Black Beans with Rice & Chicken, 2 Spaghetti w/ Italian Style Sauce & Meat, 2 Homestyle Vegetables in Sauce w/Noodles & Chicken, 2 Pork Sauce & Rice, & 2 Pasta w/ Garden Vegetables in Tomato Sauce. Each package contains a ration heater.


Nutritional Information:

Product Details:

  • Just two meals meet an individual’s full daily caloric needs
  • Meals are self-heating – the entrée is ready in just 10-12 minutes
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