Advanced Survival Guide w/ Ron Hood DVD

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Advanced Wilderness Survival Skills (70 minutes: Feature 1) If you've seen Survival Basics 1&2 you know how important and easy it is to learn effective survival skills. In this feature we will be continuing that education with more advanced wilderness skills: tracking, weapons for food and protection. What's covered in Feature 1: * Gathering materials
* Cattails and useage
* straightening the shaft
* The Chakra
* The Chakra Axe
* The Apache Star
* The Sling
* The staff sling (fustibal)
* Improvised Fish Spear
* Improvised Arrows
* Fletching Preparation
* Arrow Shafts
* Fletching the Shaft
* Quickie Arrow
* Improvised Bow
* Trackig Basics
* Light and trackig
* The tracking pit
* Tracking aids
* Action indicators
* Aging a track
* Identification Indicators
* Practice! Urban Survival Skills (55 minutes: Feature 2) Cities and dangerous places during disasters. In cases of catastrophe, your local authorities will advise you. Ron and Karen Hood give good solid information on what you can do, in advance, to prepare for your family's safety in emergencies. What's covered in Feature 2: * Intro to Urban Survival
* Preparing for the "Big Mistake"
* Food storage basics
* Copy canning
* Storage tips
* Sanitation
* Water
* Crisis notifications
* Utilities
* First aid kids
* 6 basic tips
* Skills for away from home
* Safety tips for ladies
* Learn how to set up a Family Disaster Plan