ASAP Silver Gel Ultimate Skin & Body Care 4oz.

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ASAP Ultimate Skin and Body Care Colloidal Silver Lotion is a clear gel product that is moisture donating and helps promote natural healing. Made with food grade ingredients, it contains no alcohol, and its soothing effects are safe enough to use on a child. It is mother approved and will make your skin feel soft and wonderful. Amazing results are being reported worldwide on numerous uses to promote natural healing. Our family loves this product and as a gift we make it available to yours. 4 FL OZ. / 118ml. 22 ppm.

  • Doctor Recommended
  • Proven Safe
  • Unique SilverSol Technology
  • Patented Process, Patented Product And Uses Under Patent #7,135,195 And Other Patents And Patents Pending
  • Thousands of Microbial Tested
  • Peer Review Scientific Papers
  • Mother Approved

Some of us here decided to try this Colloidal Silver Lotion for ourselves to see how it works. Keep in mind that none of us are medical professionals, here is our experience:

I work packing orders in a warehouse. Over the last several weeks we have seen a spike in our business, as a guy I do not tend to use hand creams. My hands however began to get dry hard patches especially on both index fingers. I tried different hand creams with nominal improvement. I then tried this ASAP product and found more improvement in 1 day than at any time with other creams. I then used it exclusively and my index fingers are very improved.

- David

I�ve been using the ASAP Silver hand cream for about a month and a half. I keep it by my bed and use it on my hands, elbows, feet (the roughest areas). My thumbs, from handling cardboard all day, get very dry and itchy so I also try to put it especially on there. It does seem to help (better than over-the-counter lotions), unfortunately I�m not consistent. I think if I made it my bedtime ritual (which I�m trying to do), it would help tremendously.

- Loree

Being the mom of a pre-teen daughter where looks are everything, we have tried everything for her "acne". We started using the ASAP silver cream along with her over the counter medicine, and within weeks in my opinion it was 110% clearer and more healthy. I then started using the ASAP cream along with my anti-wrinkle night cream and myself saw a vast improvement on my visible frown lines. I highly recommend this product to compliment any daytime "beauty" regiment.

- Renee

I work in customer service. I have suffered with adult acne for 16 years now. I have tried all the over the counter and prescribed medicines. None of them work very well. The only medicine that works costs me $500.00 a month from the dermatologist. That is just not a feasible answer for me. I have been using the Silver Cream for several weeks now. Every morning after washing my face I apply the cream. It has helped me tremendously. Now, if I get a little pimple I just apply the cream and it is gone in 1-2 days. I am not sure why it works but I am a permanent customer of this product. This is a �must try� product. Thank you ASAP and JHL Supply!

- Lisa

Customer Reviews —  3item(s)

Buy it, it is amazing

I have used many tubes of this product from this site. These people are solid, I never had a problem. I want to tell you, I am so thankful for this product. It has saved me from so many problems, post surgical toenail infections, cellulitis, etc. I put it all over my nose and 4 days later two large blackheads emerged which had been totally unnoticed before. They were pushed out to the surface of the skin in four days. If you have gum problems you can brush your teeth with this stuff. I tell everyone with recurrent MRSA and one nurse from NY had a chronic infection from fire coral. I apply it twice a day on an problem area and keep using it for 3-5 days after you think the problem is gone. Truly, it is a gift from above.
Review by Steveh  (Posted on 2/22/2016)

ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care

Love this stuff! Works great on any kind of skin breakout. Heals skin rashes in 24hrs. Cures itching<br>skin and burns. This clear jell does not stain clothing and is not greasy. Love it for all skin problems.
Review by Marge  (Posted on 4/27/2013)

ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care

My son got ring worm from the MMA gym he trains at. We tried some over the counter medication that the pharmacist recommended. He applied it for 5 days and it did not get any better and it actually started to seem to get worse. I did a search on Google and found a site that had a lot of good reviews on this ASAP gel. So, I came to Camping Survival to see if they carried it and they did. Upon receiving the tube and applying it to my sons affected areas, it started to heal within 24 hours and within 3 days it was nearly gone. It\'s been 5 days now and you can barely tell he ever had Ring worm
Review by John  (Posted on 9/1/2012)