Augason Farms Morning Moo's Low Fat Milk Alternative 56oz

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As delicious as it is nutritious, this whey-based beverage looks and tastes like milk, with calcium and added vitamins comparable to 2% milk. As delicious as it is nutritious, great for drinking or any recipe that calls for milk.  Or try this mouthwatering holiday favorite: Morning Moo’s served steaming hot with brown sugar and pumpkin spice. Morning Moo’s also serves as an excellent substitute for light cream—add only half the recommended water.  With a 25 year shelf life, Morning Moo’s is ideal for everyday use or long term food storage.

Total Servings:  93 (makes over 5 1/2 gallons)
Can Size:  Large, institutional size with lid (#10 can)
Net Weight:  3 lb 8 oz
Shelf Life-Unopened: Up to 25 years*
Shelf Life-Opened:  Up to one year*
Nutrition Facts:  
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*Best when stored in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F (ideal humidity 15%).

What foods are best for Survival Food storage?

To round out your survival food pantry, we recommend a wide variety of foods from canned foods to freeze dried and dehydrated foods packaged in sealed containers with oxygen absorbers. These storable long shelf life foods last for 25 years or more if stored well. Keep these foods out of temperature extremes and direct sunlight. A dry basement, the bottom of a closet, under a bed and so on are perfect places to store your survival food. Freeze dried foods keep their original size, whereas, dehydrated foods will shrink in size, but both are great for emergency food storage. Prepackaged items in #10 cans with an oxygen absorber last from 10 to 30 years. Freeze dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables are great foods for your survival food pantry as well. They are delicious snacks right out of the cans or easily added to a variety of recipes calling for fruits and vegetables, which means they are easy to rotate through. Once they are opened, they are exposed to oxygen, so they’ll need to be used within about a year or so.

About Augason Farms

Augason Farms, a Blue Chip Group company, has been a leader in the food storage industry for over 40 years. During this time, this family-owned enterprise has grown from our inaugural (and delicious!) “Morning Moo’s” dry-milk product to over 400 high-quality and nutritious food storage products sold nationwide in club stores and giant retailers.

Humble Beginnings. In 1972 Phil Augason was inspired to develop a nutritious and economical whey-based milk alternative that he named "Morning Moo's". Over the next several years, Phil, his wife Jacquie, and their five children traveled throughout the Intermountain West attending trades shows and fairs. They family spent countless late nights and weekends preparing for and attending the trade shows, and the effort soon paid off. Hundreds of demos and thousands of samples later, Morning Moo’s delicious flavor and success forged the path to today’s widely-known brand, Augason Farms.

Family Owned.  Today, Augason Farms is owned and operated by a second generation of Augasons. Mark Augason, who worked side by side with his father from an early age, recently took the helm as president and thought leader of Blue Chip Group. Mark is committed to growing Augason Farms—and all Blue Chip Group brands—within a culture fostered by dedicated, quality-driven, and family-oriented leadership.

Rooted in Utah.  Augason Farm’s finely tuned ingredients are formulated by our own master blenders and produced in our manufacturing facility in Utah. We source the finest ingredients; never compromising quality or flavor.

Committed to Quality and Flavor.  While Augason Farms’ bread and butter is producing premium quality foods that stand the test of time, we are equally passionate about developing products that are delicious and nutritional. Our food storage products defy the perception that extended shelf-life is synonymous with bland and boring. With Augason Farms, that is far from the case. In fact, many of our customers don’t wait for an emergency to enjoy Augason Farms foods. It’s their go-to source for last minute, easy-prep, and great tasting meals.

Ceaseless Innovation.  Morning Moo's and Augason Farms was just the beginning. With the establishment of Blue Chip Group, we have successfully formulated, manufactured, and distributed several unique product brands. Collectively, we provide solutions for long-term food storage, short-term emergency preparedness, easy-to-prepare foods for daily enjoyment, and delicious meals for outdoor adventurers.

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Customer Reviews —  3item(s)

Awesome product

I have been trying different long shelf items and this is one of the best that I have found. Even used for milk on hot and cold cereal with kids and they could not tell the difference, other adults were skeptical, but after sampling they thought it was good as well.
Review by Laura  (Posted on 12/25/2016)

Surprise! Great Tasting!

Tried this on a whim.

I don't drink milk as I used to. I end up throwing away a lot. When I do want to drink some it's already spoiled.

I've been trying powdered non-fat milk but the taste is less than desirable and it don't last long anyway.

Gambled on this when I saw it. Turns out to be quite tasty. Draw back is the lower nutritional values as opposed to store bought non-fat and low-fat. On the plus side this product has a 1 year shelf life AFTER opening! So I can have my cake and eat it too.

Review by Roger  (Posted on 7/24/2016)

Surprise! Great Tasting!

Ordered this on a whim. At my age I don't drink milk much, I'm constantly throwing away milk. I've tried powdered non-fat milk. It's alright but rather not.

Took a gamble, with the $17 price and SCORED! Well sort of.

It tastes surprisingly good. Kinda of a mid point between regular low-fat and non-fat. Problem is the nutritional values takes a dive. 70 calories as opposed to 120 for store bought low fat and 3 grams of protein as opposed to 6 grams for store bought non-fat and low-at.
Review by Roger Fox  (Posted on 7/24/2016)