Bacon Jerky Maple Flavored - 5 Pack

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This is the first ever bacon jerky! It is made with 100% real Bacon Freak Bacon. Once you try it I promise you will never eat regular beef jerky again. This is oh yeah good! Each package has 2 oz. of bacon jerky in it!

1 Case of 5 Packages. Each package contains 2 oz. of jerky.

Bacon fans of the world, we have created the first ever bacon jerky. You heard me right, I didn't say beef jerky, I said Bacon Jerky! I am sure that all you true bacon aficionados are already drooling uncontrollably as your internal tasting mechanisms know that bacon jerky will be able to satisfy your daily bacon urges on go. No longer are you limited to eating bacon at home, you can now take our pouches with you and eat bacon at work, school or simply as a great snack no matter where you are at anytime throughout your day.

The best part about Bacon Jerky in comparison to regular bacon is that when you cook bacon, the aroma floats through the air calling out to those around you to come and get it which means that you have to share. With Bacon Jerky it's ready to eat the second you want it! You can simply enjoy a few pieces and those around you want know that you're snacking on the most delectably delicious bacon ever. How great is that?

You are probably asking what is Bacon Jerky? Well it's similar to beef jerky, but we start with the highest quality dry cured gourmet country bacon. Each strip of bacon is hand rubbed with our various spices and prepared to perfection using several methods that we can't share as the method is currently top secret. Bacon Freak promises you that this is snack that you won't soon forget.