Backpacker's Pantry Olive Oil

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Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Directions: Ready to use right from the packet.

(6 pack, 15 ml each)

Backpacker's Pantry manufactures gourmet backpacking, survival and emergency preparedness food. 

The company was founded in 1951 by Ann Benedict to supply the Girl Scouts with lightweight, nutritious food for the trail.  The Smith family purchased the company in 1971, and still owns and operates the company to this day out of Boulder, CO.  CamingSurvival has been selling Backpackers Pantry food for years and are among our favorite survival food storage supplier.

As outdoor enthusiasts participating in an array of activities, we understand the need to pack light and eat well.  We are dedicated to creating dishes that satisfy not only your palate but your nutritional needs and have a very long shelf life making them the perfect survival food.

Our customers are preppers, survivalists, hikers, climbers, kayakers, bikers and all lovers of the outdoors. High in protein, vitamins and carbohydrates.  CampingSurvival sells Backpacker’s Pantry meals because they are designed to fuel any type of adventure, and they require only minimal preparation to enjoy.

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Not really olive oil

I bought this product to add to camping supplies but ended up tossing it. Not sure what it is - but this is not really olive oil. Just nasty.
Review by Targ  (Posted on 7/7/2017)