6 Items to Keep Life as Normal as Possible During Disaster

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6 Items to Keep Life as Normal as Possible During Disaster

When people talk about survival, many seem to think it’s just about "not dying." But there is actually more to it. Survival is also about thriving. 

How can you thrive in survival mode, you ask? Keep life as normal as possible.

That may not sound very exciting, but think about it this way: If the power goes out and you have no additional sources of light, you probably wouldn’t die, but simply living life gets a lot harder.

You bump into furniture. It’s hard to find things. Spaces with no windows, like bathrooms or closets, are much more difficult to use.

Life becomes very inconvenient.

But if you have a flashlight, suddenly these problems go away. Life becomes almost normal just because you have another source of light. Then you are able to thrive!

Here are six items to have in your home that will help keep life as normal as possible during a disaster.

Toilet Paper

No one likes running out of toilet paper on a good day. But during a disaster, it becomes an even bigger problem because you may not be able to run to the store to pick up more. Even if you could, there may not be any toilet paper left to be purchased.

Extra toilet paper becomes a vital commodity to keep life running normally in your home when disaster strikes.

If the emergency ends up being more long-term, toilet paper has other uses as well. Access to clean water and sanitation may be limited, and in such cases, toilet paper can be used as a substitute for tissue paper or napkins.

It can also be used as a makeshift bandage for minor cuts and injuries thanks to its soft and absorbent nature.

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Woman using a camp shower to shower outdoors.

Camp Showers

Being able to take a warm shower during an emergency is key to keeping a sense of normalcy in your home. Having a camp shower on hand can be a lifesaver when it comes to making this happen.

Even a simple power outage has the potential to stop your water from running (depending on what caused the power outage). So, when access to running water and electricity is limited, a camp shower can provide a means of staying clean and hygienic.

Apart from the obvious benefits of personal hygiene, a camp shower can also have emotional benefits, especially during high-stress situations. A warm shower can provide comfort during a crisis, which can help reduce anxiety and promote an uplifting sense of well-being.

In addition to its psychological benefits, a camp shower is useful for a variety of other purposes. Washing your clothes, dishes, and even pets might be necessary in an emergency and a camp shower makes that much more convenient.

It is also useful in setting up a hand-washing station, which can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, keeping sickness at bay.

3 blue water barrels inside a home cold storage.


Speaking of showers, having extra water on hand is an absolute necessity. You can only survive for about three days without drinking water, but there are other uses that you may not have thought about.

Have you ever considered how you will flush the toilet if you don’t have running water? Toilets will technically work without power, but they may not have the pressure or water to actually flush on their own.

Being able to use the bathroom normally during an emergency is a great way to maintain that sense of normalcy. Just store extra water in the bathroom for flushing the toilet to make your circumstances as convenient as possible.

Extra water storage can also be used for camp showers, hand washing, cleaning dishes and clothes, and brushing your teeth. All of these things help you keep up your usual routine.

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Light Sticks

When the power goes out, not having the ability to just flip a switch for light can be really irksome.

Light sticks give you a reliable and constant source of light during emergencies. This can help alleviate anxiety and fear, as darkness can be unsettling—especially during stressful scenarios.

In addition to their emotional benefits, light sticks are great as a nightlight for children, as they are safe and don't emit heat or flames.

Place them in the bathroom for easy, continuous light or use as markers to identify important items in low-light conditions.

All of these uses make it easier to live life more normally when an emergency strikes.

Woman using a headlamp in a power outage to check the breaker box.


Another light source that can create normalcy during an emergency are headlamps.

When the power is on and all your overhead lights are working, you don’t have to worry about balancing a flashlight in one hand while washing the dishes or chopping food with the other.

A headlamp frees up both your hands to do normal, everyday tasks with an easy light source that provides overhead lighting.

So, whether you are cooking dinner, reading your kids a bedtime story, or digging through the garage for tools, you’ll have a convenient light and two hands to work with.


During emergencies, tasks are going to pop up around your home that you never even considered. Having a multi-tool on you at all times can help make these tasks a lot easier.

A multi-tool is a compact, versatile device that contains multiple tools in one convenient package. The multi-tool we carry has over ten different tools on it including pliers, a bottle opener, scissors, and a nail file.

During disasters, stress levels can be high. Having the tools you need can alleviate anxiety and provide a sense of control. It can also help you feel more confident and prepared to face unexpected challenges.

And, of course, multi-tools can be used for all sorts of tasks. Whether you are dealing with simple tasks like opening a bottle and clipping your fingernails or more complicated, stressful tasks like removing splinters or cutting bandages, having a multi-tool gives you what you need in one compact and convenient place.

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