Rothco Black Survival Knife Kit

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This Survival Knife features a hollow handle, compass, screw-off top, filled w/survival items (matches and O-ring not included).

Survival Knife

Blade length is 5 3/4". Included compass can either be attached to the base of the knife, can be unscrewed for storage space.

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this knife is ok....
Review by ees  (Posted on 2/10/2012)


You\'ve GOT to be kidding me!!! Ok ok, first, if I could post with a picture here I would, but just to "test" durability compared to my first ever survival knife just like this that I purchased around 20 years ago, I attempted to bend the knife with my bare hands, and it DID. Didn\'t break it, but it did bend, I just wanted to test the laughable plastic handle to see if it would break, and the blade bent right at the bottle opener. Second, it didn\'t come with everything shown in the picture, just a wire saw, which looks sub par also really. Now don\'t get me wrong, I know these aren\'t true survival knives, but I still think they are neat. I guess the only thing I could possibly use from it would be the sheath for the time being since the one from my 20 year old one fell apart on me when I tried to clean it. I thought the handle might have been that ABS plastic or whatever it is that is so called "indestructible", but just looking at it you can tell it isn\'t. Bottom line, I wouldn\'t even give this as a gag gift. I\'ll use the rings, sharpener, compass, and sheath to replace the old beaten or broken ones on my old one. If you just like to collect these you can still find way better quality than these Rothcos, unless you just want a plastic one too for gimmick
Review by Marty  (Posted on 8/1/2011)

Not a REAL survival knife.

First, The #1 must of a survival knife is that it MUST be full tang. This one comes with a useless sheath. And a BIG downfall is the bottle opener on the blade. It is cut almost 1/2 way into the blade which just decreased the blade strength by half. This may be ok for a kid\'s first knife but has no place in a survival kit other than a last resort. May be ok as a trash-knife... one you use to do things that you don\'t want to ruin your real survival knife... like stirring paint.
Review by KEVIN JOHNSON  (Posted on 9/12/2010)

Black survival knife

Sorry the review i posted was for another knife this one is OK but its up to you if it\'s worth the price the sheath is crappy vinyl and it didn\'t come with the crappy vinyl cord either i wouldn\'t recommend it to a friend. unless i hated that friend lol Sorry
Review by Risley Mabile  (Posted on 2/22/2010)

Black Survival Knife

Great Knife for The price A must buy, The handle being leather is a down turn though because the point of my knife poked a hole through it. still a nice knife<br>
Review by Risley Mabile  (Posted on 12/1/2009)


This Knife is ok for its price.
Review by Mike  (Posted on 9/9/2009)


This is a good knife for the money, $5.98!. It is not a full tang blade, therefor its strenght is compromised a fair bit. Plenty of room in the handle for whatever you need. Mine did not come with matches,or a rubber gasket to seal the handle.
Review by ando  (Posted on 5/18/2009)