The Book of Non-Electric Lighting

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A crucial resource in blackouts and for anyone who uses non-electric lights! It's all here, in one comprehensive book - now revised and expanded.
  • Author and expert Tim Matson describes in detail how to select, assemble, install, and safely use and maintain all types of non-electric light sources
  • 9" ? 6", 104 pp.
  • Lehman's President Galen Lehman was instrumental in the revision and publication of this book. Author Tim Matson says, "This new edition ... would not have happened without your recognition of a book due for revival and your valuable technical and anecdotal input. Thank you!" Contents Firelight Revisited
    An Introduction to the Second Edition
    An Explanation
    Kerosene and Parrafin Wick Lamps
    Aladdin Light
    Lantern Light
    Liquid Propane Gaslight
    Incandescent Mantles
    The Return of Firelight
    Index Excerpt from the Introduction: "This new edition ... includes the original and unique material covering all aspects of firelighting. I've updated material where there were changes in products, suppliers or fuel data over the past two decades. ... Although this is not a technical manual, The Book of Non-Electric Lighting will give you the basic information you need to make intelligent decisions about your lighting options. ... Nothing could be more natural than a renaissance of firelight. It's the original illuminant, it's back, and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the years to come."
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