Brooks-Range All-In-One Latitude/Longitude Ruler

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Be ready to provide air rescue crews with critical latitude and longitude information!
Most backcountry travelers use the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system for planning and navigation; helicopter and air rescue crews use the lat/long system. Our Lat/Long Ruler was designed by mountain guides and cartographers to help you translate critical location coordinates when it matters most, in an emergency. Paper light and thin, it disappears easily inside a Brooks-Range Field Organizer until you need it.
Rulers included for scales commonly used for topo maps in Europe, North America, and the Pacific Rim.
United States Alaska Canada
United Kingdom Europe
New Zealand Japan
With the following scales:
1:20,000 ? 1:24,000 ? 1:25,000 ? 1:30,750
1:50,000 ? 1:62,500 ? 1:63,360;
1:100,000 ? 1:125,000 ? 1:250,000.
Instructions with illustrations included on the back of the Ruler.