Cave Cooking! (DVD 3) "Frocks, Fat and Food!"

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Cave Cooking: Frocks, Fat and Food
Cave Cooking: Frocks, Fat and FoodPrepare to play with your fat!

In this volume of Cave Cooking, Karen Hood flies you into Idaho's outback to show you some of the coolest chow, cooking tricks and gear you�ve seen yet.

Before she takes off for the outback, you settle down to learn how to cut and assemble a buckskin rifleman�s frock, you make tallow from waste fat, real pemmican with dried beef, tallow candles and other cool things. Back in Idaho�s �River of no return wilderness� Karen will teach you how to put your wilderness cooking skills together. You�ll learn how to combine pemmican, bannock (Instructions included) and wild thistle to make a delicious and nutritious meal. You�ll also learn how to make wilderness pizza, stick bread and some special tricks about creating cooking gear from trash and more! For the Fungi aware, Karen also shows you how to prepare Morels for a delicious wilderness treat (don�t use this DVD to identify these mushrooms� You need competent field instructions to properly identify ANY mushrooms!)

If you are a backpacker or wilderness wanderer the information and tricks in this DVD will make your trek lighter and more enjoyable than ever. We know you�ll get a kick out of this interesting, entertaining and informative DVD! (70 minutes DVD)

Karen gets up every morning with a song and dance... before coffee! Learn how to assemble this rifleman's jacket.

Learn some tips for sewing leather. here you see the "walking foot" on a sewing machine. It's an invaluable aid when sewing leather. See how Karen makes certain that she won't waste valuable buckskin and how she selects the hides for quality and usability.

If you get the pattern and follow this DVD you can make this rugged and functional buckskin rifleman's jacket. (Pattern not included) We use an old foot powered treadle sewing machine. Learn how to check one out and how to replace the belt if you have one. 

Learn how to take regular hamburger and dry it for use in real old-style Pemmican. See how Karen Renders beef fat to make "Tallow". Many butchers will give you all the fat you want... free.

After you have tallow you can make your pemmican, candles and lots more. A Tallow candle is economical and easy to make. It is also satisfying. Karen shows you all the tricks to making high quality tallow quickly and efficiently.

3 1/2 lbs of nasty old beef fat becomes 2 1/2 lbs of purified, nearly immortal, tallow. Karen takes you through step by step. With nothing more than pemmican, tallow, water, spices and wild veggies, Karen made this delicious stew! It weighs very little but gives you all the energy you need for life in the wilds.

Karen will show you how to turn edible mushrooms into a really great dish. (Warning, you must not depend on this DVD for mushroom identification. You need expert field instructions to identify ANY mushroom)

To film the wilderness portions of this DVD we flew deep into Idaho's outback Chamberlain Basin. If you've got nasty weeds (Thistle) growing in your yard...Karen will show you how to munch them or cook them in a stew. Karen will show you her choices of blades for ladies. You ladies will appreciate her suggestions. You'll learn another use for that Tallow. Dryer lint/egg carton and tallow fire starters. These are a GREAT thing to have along! Another use for Bannock (Instructions for making Bannock are included) and Pemmican. Wilderness Pizza! Karen also shows you how to make stick bread! After all that great wilderness chow Ron may need to have to have that Buckskin jacket resized! It's a good thing Karen made it extra large...

This DVD was filmed in the mountains of Idaho., We are now shipping this amazing DVD! You get 70 minutes of mind-blowing information and entertainment for only $19.90...

Believe it or not, I was so impressed with this series of videos that it was one of the reasons I started Being a former Marine and outdoors enthusiast, I greatly appreciate the excellent job Ron and Karen Hood do of sharing their vast knowledge of camping and survival skills. However, despite all that they teach in every video, I still find them to be very entertaining as well. These videos are so enjoyable that they make me long for Spring even before winter has started! Buy one and I guarantee you'll want to buy them all!

- Tom Sciacca President JHL Supply/

Ron and Karen Hood, the folks that make these high quality wilderness and urban survival videos really take their business seriously and do a lot more than make videos and play in the dirt. They also have a great forum dedicated to the same things. You can get tons of information about survival and preparedness here. Check it out of your serious about getting into survival and preparedness. Click here to see our whole line of wilderness and urban survival skills videos.