Coghlan's Emergency Poncho - Clear

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Planning an outdoor event, party or just going camping? A disposable emergency rain poncho always comes in handy! Just throw them in your pocket, backpack, glovebox, purse or briefcase just in case. Call for quantity discounts for large orders. We can handle any size order quickly.

� Hooded polyethylene poncho
� 50 in. X 80 in.
� One size fits all
� Lightweight, reusable
� Available in CLEAR ONLY
� Less than 4" x 5" when closed up and are flexible. Just right for your pocket.

  • .02 ML thick, lightweight, reusable, and hooded � Since we sell so many of these emergency rain ponchos in such large quantities, they could be difficult to keep in stock. However we are able to keep them in stock for you in large quantities by getting them from various suppliers. Since these emergency rain ponchos are all the same we reserve the right to ship ponchos from various suppliers unless you specifically request Coghlans even though they're no different. So, if you think you have to have Coghlans, let us know before we ship.
    � Emergency rain ponchos have a 25% restocking fee for any returns!
  • Ordering large quantities may be subject to shipping increases.

    WARNING! � Pursuant to California health and safety code section 25249.6, the distributor of this product warns you that this product may contain substances known to the state of California to cause cancer and / or reproductive toxicity. 

    When we ship this product, it will include a copy of this warning and will need to be posted when sold in California.