Mountain Man Skills Book

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Get to roughin' it with wisdom from the original, old-school survivalists: mountain men.

Whether you’re looking to live off the grid or sharpen your wilderness survival skills, there are valuable lessons to be learned from mountain men.

In Mountain Man Skills by Stephen Brennan, you’ll discover the fascinating lifestyle that made mountain man famous—and pick up vital survival skills along the way.

Going back to the basics!

With this handbook, you can revive classic skills now considered to be lost arts.

  • REFINE RUGGED SKILLS — Learn how to become a better hunter, trapper, woodworker, craftsman, and outdoorsman.
  • TRICKS OF THE TRADE — Find out how mountain men made it out alive. Master starting a strong fire, hunting and butchering meat, constructing tools, creating rats and canoes, building durable shelters, and so much more!
  • PLAIN AND SIMPLE — This handy and practical guide is organized, easy to read, and includes full-color illustrations.

Explore how mountain men successfully survived in the wilderness—and how you can, too!