Coghlan's Emergency Survival Horn

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Don't get lost, but if you do....

If you are lost out in the wilderness and need to be found, the Emergency Survival horn is very loud, operating with the simplicity of a mouth horn and blasting out up to 120dB.

Coghlan's Emergency Survival Horn.  The membrane can be easily replaced with any thin flexible film. Comes with SOS printed on the body and a black break-away lanyard.

  • Features a stone and twig guard to protect the rubber membrane and comes with a break-away lanyard.
  • Durable polypropylene construction floats and is easily seen with the blaze orange color.
  • Scare away unfriendly animals.
  • Eco Friendly, no batteries or air needed.
  • Make this part of your survival and camping go bag.
  • Small enough for backpacks too!