Coghlans Camp Heat & Cooking Fuel (2-pack)

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Nice Heating Source for Your Small Stove

With a 4 hour burn time per can, you'll love these cans of fuel. They work well with the Folding Camp Stove as seen in the product picture. One can has the capacity to cook multiple meals.

Camp Heat is odorless, smokeless and nontoxic. It also happens to be compact, so it won't take up a bunch of room in your backpack. Easy to light, and heats quickly. You'll love the ease of use. 

With these two cans, it is 8 hours of burn time, in case you need more time to cook, or require it for heat. Make sure you place it in a safe area, away from flammable materials and do not leave it unattended for any length of time.

You can also use them as a candle in a room where you need some light, and don’t have to worry about odor or smoke.

Contains: Two 6.4 oz (128 g) cans diethylene glycol

Product may freeze when temperature reaches 16 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 Celsius)