Ready Hour Orange Nylon Emergency Tent with Survival Whistle

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The Prepper’s Key to Survival—Uses Body Heat to Keep the Tent Warm!

The Ready Hour Emergency Tent is made of high-tensile, aluminized polyester that uses your body heat to warm the enclosure. 

As long as you stay sheltered in the tent, you’ll enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures regardless of weather conditions.


Stay Warm – The tent enclosure traps 90% of your body warmth and radiates it right back at you!

Stay Dry Through Severe Storms – 28UM nylon repels water and snow and blocks harsh winds.

Complete Shelter – Provides overhead and ground cover. No extra equipment needed.

Sets Up Quickly, Protects Immediately – Simply run a paracord (included) through the tent, and hang it between trees, rocks, buildings, etc.


  • Sleeps two adults, side by side
  • Extra-thick, tear/puncture-resistant nylon
  • 20-foot nylon paracord included (9-strand, 550-pound strength)
  • Paracord makes a great trap, fishing line, tourniquet, and more
  • 120-decibel survival whistle for signaling rescue included
  • Practically pocket sized: 6” x 3”; 8.7 oz


Perfect for your bug-out bag, survival stockpile, and high-adventure gear!