Ready Hour Mashed Potatoes Case Pack (40 servings, 5 pk.)

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Ready Hour Mashed Potatoes Case Pack (40 servings, 5 pk.) camping survival

Ready Hour Mashed Potatoes Case Pack

In addition to the #10 can, we also carry Ready Hour's Case Pack. Individual packs makes it easy when you are going on a camping trip or need food but have limited space. 

No more peeling and washing potatoes!

The Mashed Potatoes Case Pack boxes are 9 × 6 1/2 · 9 inches (22.86 cm). NET WT. 9.6 oz (0.36 kilogram) per pouch, for total combined weight of 48 oz (ca. 1,814 gram).

 It takes 1.9 gallons of water to make all contents


  • Discard the oxygen absorber packet immediately after opening. 

  • Measure Mashed Potato Flakes and water for the number of servings desired.

  • Add Mashed Potatoes to Boiling water and whisk until creamy.

  • Remove from heat and let mashed potatoes stand until they reach the desired thickness before serving. If they seem too thick, mix in a bit more water.


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Potato flakes, cornstarch, chicken soup base (corn syrup solids, salt, cornstarch, hydrolyzed corn, soy protein, rendered chicken fat, sugar, onion powder, dis odium inosinate, disodium granulate, spices, turmeric, dehydrated parsley, silicon dioxide), chopped onion, chicken flavor (maltodextrin, salt, chicken flavor, chicken stock, natural flavor, chicken fat, silicon dioxide [anticking agent]), parsley flakes.