Ready Hour Orange Energy Drink Mix (63 servings)

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  Ready Hour Orange Energy Drink Mix  (63 servings)

Refreshing Ready Hour Orange Drink - Get your Vitamin C!

Formulated with your health in mind, these yummy citrus mix drink packs in essential vitamins A, C, and D. When you  are in an emergency situation or coming down with a cold, this drink mix will help you get through.  Did you know that Vitamin C deficiencies can lead to scurvy? That's why you need a replacement in your supplemental food storage plan, and it's precisely why we developed it. 

Our #10 can provides you with 63 servings of Ready Hour Orange Energy Drink Mix. Use it when you need, store it for up to a year once it is opened. 

Ready Hour #10 Cans - There is no better container for your food. It is made of durable steel, it is waterproof, rodent proof, and stores easily on a shelf or in a closet. Unopened, it can even float.