Aquamira® Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

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Keep Your Water Clean and Consumable

It’s no secret that your water supply won’t stay fresh forever. With Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment, you’ll come as close to it as you can get!

When you protect your water supply, you protect yourself, your health, and your family.

Protection in Every Drop!

A few drops of this treatment in a container of water prevents mold, bacteria, and other contaminants from spoiling your supply and making you sick.

  • Treat up to 60 gallons of water with one pack
  • Kills odor-causing bacteria and other contaminants

Enhances Taste

Enhance the taste of your water—without an unpleasant aftertaste!

For Emergencies and Beyond!

Take this treatment along while hiking, backpacking, camping, or when embarking on another outdoor adventure. You never know when you’ll need it, and it’s important to be prepared!

Using Aquamira

Before treating your water, clean and disinfect your water storage container and lid.

To begin treatment, pour equal parts Aquamira Water Treatment (Part A) and Phosphoric Acid Activator (Part B) into a clean cup. Then, mix with the water you’d like to treat.

Refer to the following ratios as a guide:

  • 5 drops each of Part A and Part B to 32 ounces of water.
  • 1 teaspoon each of Part A and Part B to 5 gallons of water.
  • 2 tablespoons each of Part A and Part B to 30 gallons of water.
  • 4 tablespoons each of Part A and Part B to 60 gallons of water.