Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Keep Warm!

You can use this to slip inside your current sleeping bag as a liner for nights it gets too cold, or use it as a sleeping bag by itself.

Made of metallic and polyester fabric, the Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag is compact, lightweight, durable, wind resistant, and long lasting. 

It also retains body heat, which keeps you warm no matter the conditions you are facing.

The Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag also makes great ground cover, a makeshift tent, or an emergency blanket.  


  • Protection from Elements: Wind and rain can ruin anyone’s night. Not only will it make you uncomfortable, but it will make you colder. This sleeping bag is WIND and WATERPROOF, leading to a WARMER night’s sleep.
  • Rescue: This LIGHTWEIGHT sleeping bag is REFLECTIVE and SILVER. In a survival situation, this can help make you more NOTICEABLE to rescuers and may very well save your life.
  • Measures 90" x 39"