Greenivative Triple Power GMAG® Complete Recharger

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  Greenivative Triple Power GMAG® Complete Recharger

The Greenivative Triple Power GMAG® Complete Package contains everything needed to provide personal power essentials whenever or wherever needed and, especially when disaster strikes. The best part? No need to depend on the sun, wind or cranking to get your power. All you need to do is add salt and water to the power cell. This makes it a great “back-up plan” if you already have means of providing alternative power too! The GMAG® Complete Package is A MUST HAVE for your emergency kit, bug-out-bag, and for a host of off the grid activities. 

The GMAG Complete Package contains: The Super GMAG® Power Cell with 1 Pair of Triple Power Replaceable GMAG® PowerPucks™ - this saltwater and biofuel activated device has an infinite shelf life. It will charge an infinite amount of batteries when Power Pucks are replaced regularly.

  • Six (6) 2000 mAh NiMh (Nickel-metal hydride) AA
  • Six (6) 1000 mAh NiMh AA
  • Six (6) 1000 mAh NiMh AAA Batteries
  • GMAG® USB Charger Pack that operates from 4 AA Batteries - charges most cell phones and 5 VDC USB compatible devices. It will operate the integrated LED flashlight with 2 lightly charged AA Batteries as a very useful emergency flashlight. When power is lost, all or nearly all of your personal portable devices can be charged over and over.
  • Four (4) pre-measured salt packs
  • Eight (8) AAA to AA adapters (to allow for charging AAA Batteries)
  • Four (4) AA to C and 4 AA to D adapters – with these adapters, C and D Sized Devices can be operated with freshly charged AA Batteries.
How it works: Alkaline batteries have a short (3 year) shelf life. Plus, their energy capacity is finite. Once they’re dead, they’re useless. NiMh batteries on the other hand, can be recharged hundreds of times. A 1000 mAh NiMh AA battery can be recharged about 800 times. The six AA NiMh batteries in the Triple Power GMAG.

Complete kit equals 4800 alkaline batteries. Simply put, this kit helps keep battery-powered and USB devices on for MUCH longer in an emergency. They’re ready to use – no need to hope for a sunny (or windy day). No need to waste energy manually cranking to get power.