Rothco Nylon Paracord 550lb 300 Ft Tube

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Rothco's Nylon Paracord

550lb. Type III Paracord is a great multipurpose product. You can make lanyards out of it, woven riffle slings, a deer drag, retention cords, use it to tie stuff down in the bed of your truck, tie down tents, tie up bear bags, use it as boot laces, a clothing line, a belt, a toy for your cat, a dog leash, or as an actual paracord.

Made by a certified U.S. Government contractor. The cord is 550 lb. tested, has a 7 strand core and is 100% Nylon with a diameter of 5/32".

    This Nylon Paracord is made in the USA and is GSA compliant. Originally used by the military, this durable, lightweight cord is ideal for any survival situation and fits great inside a bug out bag. Parachute cord is also ideal for making bracelets, key-chains and other rope accessories. Did you know there are over 500 projects you can work on with paracord? A few ideas:

    • Paracord Snare Trap Rig
    • Paracord Bow Sling
    • Paracord Bottle Harness
    • Paracord Bracelet: Fishing
    • Paracord Keychain: Key Fob
    • Paracord Knife Handle Wrap
    • Paracord Survival Donut
    • Paracord Dog Collar